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3 Creative Activities Anyone Can Do For Free

Engaging in creative activities is an excellent form of self-soothing for many recovering addicts. It is something they do entirely for themselves, connecting with the world through a medium that excites them. However, for those people who do not see themselves as creative, this method of distress tolerance can seem out of reach.

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The thing is, creative activities are effective for self-soothing primarily when they are not being used as a means to an end. The pressure of creating a polished end product can turn a form of self-expression into just another stressor. As such, you don’t need to be good at a creative activity to benefit from it.

That said, no one wants to spend money on a hobby that they will never be proficient at. The good news is that there are creative activities that just about anyone can do for free.

Try the 3 following creative pursuits.

  1. 1. Drawing Or Coloring

    Most people will tell you that they cannot draw. However, that is rarely the case. The truth is that the typical human being can put pen to paper and create an image, even if it is just a stick figure.

    Drawing is a good creative activity for those who are not too concerned about the end product. You can relax while simply trying to recreate a figure from a photo. While your drawing might bear no resemblance to the original, there is nothing at stake.

    If the act of drawing still feels stressful – for those who were criticized by parents or teachers for their drawing as children, this is often the case – you can try coloring. There are some great adult coloring books available. All you have to do is pick the colors and let your fingers do the rest.

  2. 2. Singing Karaoke

    Singing is a skill that can be honed with years of practice. However, it is also something that nearly everyone does on a day-to-day basis. We enjoy singing, even if we think we are hopeless at holding a tune.

    Singing karaoke with the help of a phone app is a risk-free way of letting go and being creative. Apps like StarMaker are completely free and let you sing along to thousands of songs. You can discard the recording immediately if you don’t want to listen back to it.

    Alternatively, search for your favorite song with the term “karaoke” on YouTube and you will probably find the perfect video to sing along to.

  3. 3. Journaling

    Writing is another skill that requires a combination of talent and hard work to gain proficiency in. However, it is also something most people can do in some form.

    Journaling can be a very relaxing and even cathartic experience. You can spend your time letting your thoughts out on paper (or on screen) or you can create stories. You can write about whatever you want, and no one ever has to read it.

    Some people feel most comfortable if they delete everything as soon as they are done. It is a risk-free activity that everyone can do for free.

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