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3 Things Your Treatment Center Should Offer

Finding the right substance abuse center can be easy, when you know what to look for. Here are three things your treatment center should offer:

Treatment Center Should Offer

Accreditation and Licensing

Start with the basics and find out if you’re dealing with a legitimate facility right away. Don’t forget to ask about their experience and success rate as well as their aftercare services. Detoxification is essential, but so is aftercare. It can make a difference in whether you or not you experience a relapse. Support groups and aftercare counseling sessions help keep you on the path to sobriety. 

Picking a Type

There are different types of treatment programs you can choose, depending on the severity of your condition. If you think you’re only at risk for developing drug abuse or addiction, a brief intervention can help you. If you need a little medical supervision, then a partial hospitalization or semi-residential treatment is ideal. If you need more intensive care you can live in the treatment center for a period of time.

Residential or inpatient programs require you to stay in the facility throughout your treatment, ensuring you’re safe from temptations and can fully concentrate on your recovery. Counseling is often used with other treatments. Sober living, on the other hand, allows you to live in a drug-free environment. This usually comes after a residential program and can be a good way to transition to the real world if you aren’t quite ready to go home just yet.

Comprehensive Approach

It’s best to choose a Malibu treatment center that carries out a thorough assessment of your condition, one that’s not focused only on easing the symptoms and resulting physical conditions. That’s why at the Serenity Malibu, we do our best to help our patients determine and deal with root causes. By knowing what triggers the addiction in the first place, you can have a much better chance of knowing what treatments will work and which ones won’t, what behaviors to expect, and what can be done to manage those triggers and help your recovery along.


We also understand how unique every situation can be. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. Everyone’s needs are different. What might be effective for someone else might not exactly work for you. That’s why we insist on preparing individualized approaches in our detox program. We customize the treatment to ensure that we address specific issues or problems you have. This process gives you the best chance at recovery.

Finding help is easy. If you’re in Malibu, reach out to us. We can help.

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