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Addiction Recovery: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

Admitting that you have a substance abuse or addiction problem is a big first step. It is a brave concession that you need help and a commitment to making life better for yourself and your loved ones. Now you can find a recovery program, kickstarting your journey to sobriety in a meaningful life.

But before you start treatment, you might feel at a loss. You know you have a problem, but you don’t yet know how to think about your addiction. To help you overcome some of the initial disorientation, here are 4 questions about addiction recovery you can ask yourself at the beginning.

Addiction Recovery Questions

What am I scared of happening if I don’t use substances?

Addiction disorders have both physical and mental health elements. While you know that the physical addiction is one aspect that drives you to use more day after day, start thinking about the mental reasons.

Most addicts are driven partly by fear of how life will feel without substances. At this point, it is worthwhile asking yourself what feelings in particular scare you. Why are you so scared of these feelings?

Introspecting about this will bring you more clarity on the roots of your addiction, setting you on the right path towards successfully treating the disorder.

How am I hurting myself by using substances?

Often, the catalyst for addicts to seek treatment is that they are hurting their loved ones. While you may know that you’re hurting yourself as well, this might not be at the forefront of your mind.

It is important to think about exactly how your substance use is hurting you. This is not only useful for giving you added motivation to stop using substances, but it also gives you insight into the roots of your disorder.

Substance abuse is often intentionally self-destructive, if from a subconscious place. The ways in which you are hurting yourself can reveal the parts of yourself you might want to escape or cut off. Working on coming to terms with who you are will be a crucial part of your recovery journey.

Do I understand what is at stake?

No matter how bad a person’s addiction might be, they may nonetheless be in denial. It is possible that while you have admitted you have a problem and made the commitment to seek help, you still don’t completely believe you need it.

Ask yourself if this might be the case. Make a list of what you think is at stake if you don’t stop drinking or using substances. Compare this list to the concern your loved ones have shown about you. Do the concerns of your loved ones feel overblown?

If so, you are likely still in denial. It is worth taking the time to do some soul searching as to what could really happen if you don’t stop using substances. Consider asking loved ones for their input.

Do I understand what there is to gain?

The fear of negative consequences need not be the only thing motivating you to get help. Rather, you can approach recovery with the perspective of how much better your life can become when you stop using substances.

Make a list of what you have to gain by going through recovery. This list can include your hopes and dreams of the life you want to live. You can start thinking of how your recovery will bring you meaning and happiness in addition to bringing you back to health.

This way of thinking will give you added incentive to fully commit to your recovery. You’ll be motivated by the desire to stop hurting yourself and others, as well as to make your life better than ever before.

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