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5 Of The Best Bucket List Items You Can Do In Recovery

The journey of recovery from an addiction doesn’t have to be fraught with pain and struggle. Instead, it can be looked at as a period of renewal and discovery, where a person begins to delve into the activities and interests that truly makes one happy, instead of numbing feelings with drugs and alcohol. It’s been said that addiction is a road to nowhere, and once people get off of that road then they truly learn to live. Recovery can be viewed and lived as a way to start doing the things that add value and meaning to your life. Although people may have different interests, below are five things that most people will want to experience before their life ends.

Bucket List Items for Recovery

One: Visit The Country You Always Wanted To Visit

Whether it’s sipping a latte from Paris, or walking the streets of London, most people have that country that they’ve always dreamed of visiting. Whether due to family background or culture, traveling internationally has always been lauded as a way for a person to broaden their worldview and to experience life from another perspective. During a period of recovery, this is the perfect time to take that trip without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Two: Learn A Skill You Always Dreamed About Having

Most people harbor a secret desire to learn a new skill, whether it’s playing the guitar, learning how to bake, or woodworking, there is a fulfillment in learning a new skill that is life affirming. With people working less and less with their hands, embarking on a journey to learn a skill that involves working with your hands can be therapeutic and a long-term activity you can enjoy for life.

Three: Take A Road Trip

Anyone who has taken a road trip across the United States can affirm that you will see and experience things that you would never experience otherwise. Whether it’s the beautiful mountains of Colorado, or the Americana shops and restaurants you will encounter, road trips are a way for people to see new things and explore American history that they’ve never done before. Everyone, regardless of how much they hate or love driving, should take part in a road trip at least once in their lives, to experience life on the road.

Four: Reach Out To People You’ve Lost Contact With

Friends and even family that you have lost contact with will be happy to hear from you. A small gesture can mean a lot, especially when it comes as a surprise. Oftentimes people fall out of touch, but it doesn’t mean that they still don’t carry the friendship in their hearts.  Reaching out to people who have significant impact in your life can help bring closure and even re-start a valuable friendship.

Five: Start A Blog About An Interest

A blog can be started for free, and it can be written anonymously or under the name of the writer. Either way, it can be an enjoyable way to start writing again. The act of writing is therapeutic, and the blog allows the creator complete freedom of expression. It can be based on personal observations, or centered around a specific interest or hobby. It can be made readable by anyone on the internet, or accessible only to friends and family. Starting a blog is also a way to start creating online relationships with others who may be interested in the same things. Either way, a blog is a fun and free way for someone to start writing again.

These suggestions are only the beginning of what someone can have on their bucket list during their recovery. They are all based around the idea that life is worth living, and that someone in recovery should go out and start doing things that make them feel alive and happy again.

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