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5 Best Houseplants to Get After Rehab

There is a common rule of thumb repeated in rehabs around the world. After leaving rehab, get a houseplant. Once you have kept that alive for a year, get a pet. Only a year after that should you start dating?

You don’t need to take this advice too seriously – suffice it to say that it is enough to be careful about jumping into a relationship. However, there is a lot of merit to the idea of getting a houseplant after rehab. It gives you a low-stakes way of learning to take care of something other than yourself. It also helps you connect to nature and the natural life within you.

The thing is, many recovering addicts do not know where to start. Conventional wisdom states that a cactus is a beginner plant as they are known for their hardiness. Unfortunately, this is not quite accurate. Cactuses are some of the most finicky plants – they need water but it is incredibly easy to inadvertently kill them by giving them too much.

There are many other plants that are easy to care for that will provide you with the right kind of challenge. Here are the 5 best houseplants to get after rehab.

1. Ponytail Palm:

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm – AKA elephant’s foot – is a wonderful houseplant for a recovering addict. This is because it is both striking and easy to keep alive. A ponytail palm has a thick trunk that looks like an elephant’s foot and leafage that hangs like a ponytail. It stores water in its trunk and doesn’t need too much attention or direct sunlight. Water it every week with enough to dampen the topsoil. If it is still wet by the time the following week comes around, give it a week off*.

*It is important to mention that all of these plants are somewhat intuitive. If your plant looks thirsty, give it some water. If the soil feels too damp, leave it. Keep a regular watering schedule but don’t be scared to rely on your instinct.

2. Snake Plant:

Snake Plant

The snake plant – AKA mother-in-law’s tongue – is a great houseplant that also grows easily outdoors. It has long leaves that stand straight up. It does not need too much sunlight. The biggest danger to a snake plant is frost, so as long as the room you keep it in does not get too cold, you shouldn’t have any problems. As with the ponytail palm, water it once a week, giving it an extra week if the soil is still wet.

3. Monstera:


There are a number of different types of monsteras, but they are all fairly easy to care for. You’ll recognize a monstera when you see one – you have probably noticed it taking over someone else’s home! It grows quickly and without needing much attention. It is also very striking.

4. ZZ Plant:

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is perhaps the most indestructible plant on this list, which is why it is not at the top of the list! It is a great plant to have in your office, but you can easily forget about it without causing it any real harm. Ideally, the plant you choose is one you actually give some attention!

5. Chinese Money Plant:

Chinese Money Plant

A Chinese money plant is a great option as it is relatively rare. For some reason, it flies under the radar of most plant lovers, even though it is beautiful. In terms of difficulty, it requires watering weekly or every second week, depending on the temperature. While it can be a bit of a drama queen, sagging when it gets a little bit thirsty, this is actually helpful as a reminder to take care of its needs.

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