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5 Tips For A Successful Intervention

When someone you are close to is going through an addiction or something else that is negatively affecting their life and the lives of those around them, then it is difficult to try and figure out exactly how to guide them towards help. People feel powerless over someone elses problems and this can develop problems in those around the ailing person. It is not uncommon that simply talking to the person one-on-one does not do the job. Usually, a more direct and profound approach is needed in the form of an intervention.

If you feel that you need to stage an intervention for someone you know who needs it, here is a brief guide that should help get you thinking and acting in the right direction.

Plan Carefully

1. Know What An Intervention Is

An intervention is not something that should be done quickly or on the same day that it is planned. It should be thought out and worked together carefully with the other people involved, be they friends, family members, colleagues or clergymen.

An intervention should basically be as such- first, it provides specific examples of destructive behaviors and their impact on the addicted/afflicted person and their loved ones; second, it should offer a pre-arranged treatment plan with clearly arranged steps, goals and guidelines; and third, it should also spell out clearly what will happen if the person does not accept treatment and help.

2. Get Help

Under these pretenses, one should be able to successfully plan out an intervention. It would also be wise to consult a professional, someone who is called an interventionist (there are professions for things like this) to get more help. Interventions sometimes spur feelings of resentment and betrayal on the part of the person who is being intervened upon. It is a charged situation. If you feel this may be the case, then please do consult a professional.

Consult relatives or close friends, maybe even someone you know who has also done an intervention too, for some advice. This kind of thing could prove invaluable to you when it comes time to get the intervention under way.

3. Gather Information

Why are you having the intervention in the first place? There should be a laundry-list of things that have happened in the past that have lead to the need for this, and they should be remembered when the time comes. Write them down and have them ready, and make sure that the other people who are present in the intervention have their own lists written down as well for more effect. This needs to be a sure thing, and with enough backing, the point can get across more easily.

Also, knowing what exactly is going on with the person helps a lot too. Gather information on what exactly the ailment is and know what can happen to a person under the circumstances. This should help you and those helping you prepare for anything that might come up during the intervention.

The Intervention

4. Stay Calm, Be Clear

When everyone is assembled and it comes time to confront the person about their problem, make sure to stay calm during the whole thing, being the center for the rest of the group to go off of. Be clear about why it is happening, what the conditions are, what has been going on, and most importantly, what the consequences of the situation are going to be, especially if the person does not agree to accept help. With all these in order, and careful planning at your side as well as a supporting group of others, the intervention should go as intended.

5. Following Up

Once the intervention is complete and help is being gotten, it is important to let the others know who helped you how things are going now.

There are also things that may have to be changed in the everyday living of the household, if the person being intervened upon lives there. Not only does their live have to change, but those around them have to change as well.

Hopefully this helps you in getting your own intervention to happen. Good luck.

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