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Serenity Malibu evolved from the vision and desire to help people struggling with alcoholism and addiction, and at the same time actually improve the quality of addiction treatment resources for everyone. We wanted a program where we could bring together the best minds and resources, creating something truly new, and at the cutting edge in the treatment of addiction and its co-occurring disorders.

In these goals we have succeeded. Serenity’s treatment program has been full or near full since its inception, accepting clients from across North America and the rest of the world, with one goal in mind: To help you and your loved ones address, understand and treat the devastating nature of addiction.

What Makes Us Different

  • More one-on-one therapy
  • More innovative and cutting edge holistic treatment modalities
  • A multi-dimensional, non-12-step approach to treatment
  • A highly intensive executive program for the busy professionals
  • A treatment team of more than 30 people focused on your recovery
  • Customized aftercare and sober companion programs
  • A guaranteed service agreement*

Men and women who come to our rehabilitation center receive life-changing treatment that can truly alter the course of their lives for the better.

What We Treat

We lead the field in providing lasting and effective treatment for individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Our methodologies are among the most innovative in the world. The core of our treatment philosophy is that for a person to remain healthy and sober, it is important to rehabilitate not just the individual struggling with addiction, but the entire family structure of which they are an integral part. Whenever possible, we include loved ones in the therapy sessions and in other vital elements of the recovery process.

The staff at Serenity Malibu understands that individuals with addiction issues quite often come to us with dual diagnoses, and we are fully equipped to counsel clients not only in terms of their addictions, but also through co-occurring disorders like Bipolar disorder or Post-Traumatic Stress disorder.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment

What sets Serenity apart is the wealth of naturalistic methodologies we offer in addition to more traditional therapies. Holistic addiction treatment centers like ours offer groundbreaking solutions to individuals recovering from addiction. We encourage our clients to partake in therapies like yoga and acupuncture as part of their journey to become fully healthy and present individuals.

Much like our understanding of co-occurring disorders, understanding more holistic treatments allows us to soothe the symptoms of drug and alcohol dependency faster, and in a more lasting and meaningful way. As part of our client’s journey to a healthier self, we also believe that it is important to have an eye to physical fitness. Our staff gives courses in proper eating habits, as well as a variety of exercise classes.

Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services | Program ID Number: 190655AP | Program Expiration Date : 4/30/2025
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