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In Addiction Rehab Do You Get What You Pay For?

For people in difficult situations who need to quit an addiction, any type of treatment can be helpful in getting them started on the road to recovery. However, it is important to understand that there are many differences between each type of rehab what they offer to their patients. The services and amenities that a specific rehab offers can determine the ultimate cost of treatment.
Addiction Rehab
There are plenty of options for free and affordable rehab treatments but they might not have the kind of services that a more expensive treatment center would offer. Many people looking for recovery options are willing to pay more to get the extra amenities that they feel they would need in order to be comfortable. Rehab options can range from free treatment centers to executive or luxury drug rehabs designed for people in high paying or powerful careers.

Although the cost of rehab centers can vary dramatically, it does not mean that a person cannot fully recover with a less expensive treatment program. These options are available simply for people that want an extra level of comfort and have the financial means to pay for higher quality. Any type of treatment can be life-saving and free or affordable addiction recovery still has the potential to change a person’s life around for the better.

Factors Affecting the Cost

There are a few different reasons why an addiction treatment program might cost more or less depending on specific details of the facility. Rehabs can range from a few thousand a month to as much as 120 thousand a month for a very high end program. With such a drastic range it is helpful to understand the differences that can impact the cost of treatment.

One of the main factors affecting cost can be the services that a facility provides for its patients outside of the main therapy sessions that make up the foundation of treatment. Some programs can offer a wide variety of services such as yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, life coaches and many other options at a higher price. A more simple program might focus mainly on therapy and only a few other services such as fitness activities.

Another aspect of treatment that can greatly affect the cost of rehab is the length of stay that a patient is offered. A short term stay will cost considerably less than a longer 90 day stay in a treatment program. For people with more severe addictions, however, a longer stay may be recommended for more effective recovery and relapse prevention.

The location of a treatment center can also factor into the overall cost because some more scenic, remote locations may be more expensive. An affordable program might be in a more standard, local program in the city but a higher end, luxury program may be close to a beach, on an island or in the mountains. Some patients prefer a more desirable location and are willing to pay more to be in this kind of natural environment.

Amenities, Comfort and Therapy

More expensive rehab programs tend to have higher quality amenities in every aspect of the facility. They usually have comfortable, private rooms while a less expensive rehab may have small beds in shared rooms. While this type of comfort is not always necessary for recovery, some patients prefer to have the added amenities because they believe it will help them focus on their sobriety.

Higher cost rehabs also tend to have higher quality, gourmet food that may accommodate special dietary needs for the patients. Luxury rehabs can sometimes provide food through room service as a resort hotel would for its guests. Other amenities can include swimming pools, tennis courts or even in some treatment centers golf courses for patients.

An important thing to consider with the cost of a rehab center is what kind of therapy you are getting through the program. Although a more affordable therapist may still be effective, higher cost treatment will usually have more experienced staff members that have spent years working in addiction treatment. People that are looking for the best level of therapy that they can get may be willing to pay more for experts in the field of addiction recovery.

When it comes to addiction treatment it is true that spending more can give you a different experience but for those without the financial means, they can still get what they need from a more affordable treatment center. Some people may feel that they need more from their program in order to do their best while others may be fine with a standard program. Extra services and amenities can provide comfort but in the end what matters most is the individual patient’s commitment to getting sober and the effort that they put into recovery.

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