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Addressing Prescription Drug Addiction

It should come as no surprise when the extensive use of hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin and crystal meth result in jail, institutionalization and even death. Unfortunately, one of the most common types of drugs that can lead to harder drug addiction originates from the use of prescription drugs for pain management, and opioid painkillers are the a typical type of substance that people get addicted to. The typical reasoning behind the start of the addiction is that they create a short but substantial euphoric effect in the mind.

Prescription Drug Addiction

This sudden deluge of endorphins helps in reducing the amount of pain that a person feels, but it also has the consequence of creating physical dependence if used extensively over a long period of time. This scenario is unfortunately quite common among people that have relied on painkillers in order to treat injuries sustained. This being the case, it is always good to know what to look out for in regards to the signs of addiction and that a Malibu rehab center is there to help break the cycle of addiction.

Identifying Drug Dependency

The most common sign of drug dependency is continuing to take the medication when you no longer have any need for it. If you are taking it for medical purposes as prescribed, then that is not crossing any lines. If you continue taking the medication because you feel that you have a “need for it” is indicative of being addicted. Other signs take the form of you increasing daily dosages, feeling moody or even easily irritable when you don’t take your pills.

Why Should I Stop?

While you may justify your continued abuse of prescription medication by stating that you have a real medical need or that you are not harming anybody, the fact remains that the increasingly high dosages you consume in order to get the same “high” can lead to very dangerous health consequences. One of these potential hazards is respiratory depression, which is a condition in which your breathing slows down until it reaches a point where it stops completely.

Overdoses are common when it comes to any form of substance abuse addiction that involves narcotics, and taking prescription medication does not exempt you from this. If you no longer have a medical need for the medication and are merely taking it due to physical dependence, then you need to contact our treatment center at Serenity Malibu Rehab and deal with your addiction.

Remember, medication is meant to help you get better, but dependency is a sign of a dangerous problem. If you or a loved one needs help overcoming prescription drug abuse, contact us today to learn about how our services can help with recovery.

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