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Amanda Bynes in Yet Another Bind

Amanda Bynes first became famous as a fresh-faced kid actress on Nickelodeon. Young and talented, she first seemed like one of the few child actresses who would successfully transition to being an adult actress. Child actors are notorious for crashing and burning once they reach adulthood. The combination of the Hollywood lifestyle, public pressure, and a fragile ego can spell disaster when child stars have to grow up. Unfortunately, slowly but steadily, Amanda Bynes first started showing her problems publicly with erratic and outrageous tweets that garnered her a lot of press attention. But, eventually, what people began to realize, is that behind the outrageous tweets was a young person who was suffering from severe mental illness.

Seeking Professional Help

Since Amanda Bynes is in her late twenties and no longer a child, she was free to live her life how she chose, until she started have run-ins with the law. Eventually, she did check into a mental health facility in California and undergo treatment. Initially, the prognosis seemed positive. Amanda Bynes, shielded from the public glare and away from social media, seemed to finally have gotten the professional help she needed. When she did emerge she looked healthier and happier and seemed to be slowly piecing her life together. While Amanda Bynes will probably never return to acting due to her ongoing mental problems, it seemed like she might be able to resurrect a sense of normalcy in her day-to-day life.

Startling Accusations

However any hope that Amanda Bynes was in recovery was shattered when she made startling accusations against her father on social media. She claimed that she was sexually abused by him, and then soon after retracted her tweets, claiming it was an implanted microchip that caused her to make the false accusations. Amanda’s shocking tweets were met with public calls to have her involuntarily committed so that she could receive more treatment. Her parents are now seeking to prove that she is no longer capable of taking care of herself, so that they can force her to once again seek professional help.

What mental Disorder does Amanda Bynes Have?

Although only a professional who has personally treated Amanda Bynes can say for certain what she suffers from, it has been widely conjectured that she suffers from a form of bipolar disorder. Symptoms of bipolar disorder include:

  • Extreme mania
  • Chronic depression
  • Erratic mood swings
  • Impaired judgment
  • Delusional thoughts and actions

Amanda Bynes appears to suffer from all of the listed symptoms. She appears to go through manic episodes, where a person has elevated energy for long periods of time. She also seems to suffer from depression and mood swings with her erratic tweets. And her false disclosure about her father sexually abusing her surely shows impaired judgment of the worst kind.

Treatment Can Still Help

Typically people who suffer from bipolar disorder start showing symptoms in young adulthood, which is when Amanda Bynes first started exhibiting symptoms. Mental health professionals don’t know exactly why some people suffer so severely from it, but it’s believed that genetics plays a role. And sometimes when people go through a traumatic event it can trigger the onset of bipolar disorder.

However, it can be treated. And whatever Amanda Bynes is suffering from, whether its bipolar disorder or some other mental disorder, the time is now that she should undergo rigorous treatment to try to steer her life into a more positive direction. She is still relatively young and has many more years ahead of her. She was once a very talented young actress who was very successful. She seems to have many issues that she needs to work on, and perhaps her latest social media firestorm can enable the people who care about her to once again get her the treatment she needs.

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