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A natural healing technique in which small needles are inserted to key areas of your body to promote general physical wellness.

Art Therapy:
Become more attuned with your highest self by accessing your own creativity through various art mediums.

Cooking Therapy:
Settle into habits of wellness by becoming interested in and informed on the foods that nourish your body.

Craniosacral Therapy:
Access the physical body in a gentle and healing way that diminishes stress and anxiety.

Creative Writing:
Familiarize yourself with your true expression through guided sessions that put you in touch with your inner voice.

Dream Therapy:
Tap into the messages being delivered to you through your unconscious mind via this fascinating process that delves into what the symbols of your dreams mean.

Hone the skills you need to live a balanced life by managing your emotions in a healthy way.

Work through the traumatic memories that may be at the root of your addiction.

Equine Therapy:
Cultivate mindfulness and attention to beings outside yourself with this therapy that allows you to work with horses in an outdoor setting.

Family Therapy:
Heal the family unit that you are a part of so that you can continue your sobriety feeling supported in the long-term.

Fitness Therapy:
Cultivating the mind-body connection is a key element to achieving total wellness. Exercise provides a wonderful opportunity for both physical and mental well-being.

Access your subconscious through this modality, which uses guided sessions to help you tap into images and affirmations that positively alter your patterns of thought.

Take in the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean by engaging in this meditative and physically beneficial activity.

Gain heightened awareness and control of your thoughts with this practice that focuses on breathe and quiets the chatter in your mind.

Music Therapy:
Music is an avenue for creativity and a path to our true creative self.

A clinically-proven treatment that helps manage many of the root causes of addiction and substance abuse.

Nutritional Counseling:
What we eat often determines how we feel. Learn to maximize your state of well being with targeted counseling from our nutritional staff.

The use of appropriate medication helps individuals in recovery stay sober in the long term.

Each client undergoes therapy sessions that are specifically tailored to their own needs and tendencies.

Recovery through Acting Therapy:
Acting is a creative art that helps you push your perceived boundaries and gets you actively engaged in reshaping your own story.

Shamanic Healing:
Healing one’s spirit is a crucial part of recovery. Shamanic healing circles encourage growth on a spiritual level, which is the foundation for lasting wellness.

Learning to read a wave and trust yourself to catch it cultivates a sense of self confidence and living in the now. Spending time with nature elevates your mind, body, and soul.

Increasing your heart rate has been shown to reduce stress and elevate mood. Decompress and engage in friendly competition on one of our 5-star tennis courts.

Thai Massage:
Work through the tension in your body, and your mind will follow. This relaxing body work helps decrease anxiety and promotes a well-functioning muscular system.

Access your body, minds, and spirit at the same time with daily morning yoga classes, designed specifically to strengthen your sense of self-awareness.


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