Amenities at Serenity Rehab Center


This is a form of holistic modality that is proven to enhance overall physiological functioning.

Art Therapy:

It involves various methods to tap into the creative parts of yourself and offer a chance for artistic expression.

Cooking Therapy:

It is a method of promoting active coping skills while maintaining a focus on health and well-being.

Creative Writing:

It is used to bring out the personal author inside you and enhance expression through words and guided techniques.

Dream Therapy:

It is a method to analyze and build awareness about your unconscious process.


It helps you in addressing your daily life skills through skill development.


It is an evidence-based method to address trauma.

Equine Therapy:

It is a form of animal-assisted therapy that takes you out of your therapy room and helps you to feel the environment.

Family Therapy:

Your family is encouraged to support you upon return to foster a sense of security and safety.

Fitness Therapy:

Your physical state is as important as your mental state for your recovery. Enhanced focus on fitness enhances your healing process.


It is a form of therapy that involves guided imagery techniques and other solutions to tap into your core feelings.


Enjoy Kayaking at Serenity with the best scenic trips in Malibu.


Uses breathing techniques and positive self-affirmations to manage stressful situations.

Music Therapy:

It provides an opportunity for self-expression and soothing.


It promotes better ways of dealing with cravings, depression, and anxiety by using evidence-based feedback mechanisms.

Nutritional Counseling:

It utilizes the power of food as a highly reactive resource. Our nutritional counselors provide meals that enhance mood and drive energy.


It involves the power of medication management and therapy to increase the rate of healing.


Our Psychotherapy sessions are in-depth sessions that help in understanding a person’s feelings and past experiences. They involve 4 main stages: Commitment, Process, Change, and Termination. These together help in enhanced healing.

Recovery through Acting Therapy:

It uncovers your dynamic personality by bringing you to the stage and inducing self-fulfilling enhancement techniques.

Shamanic Healing:

Shamanic healing is extremely beneficial for those who want a more holistic approach to treatment. Our shamanic healing circles add depth to your ongoing recovery journey.


It is a means of balancing nature with your healing process.


Use one of our professional tennis courts to get your heart pumping and end your day.

Thai Massage:

It is a form of relaxation technique done by one of our massage specialists.


It is the first thing each morning and it helps you to find your center.

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