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Are Antibodies the Answer to Help Meth Addicts Stay Clean?

Meth has a reputation as being one of the worst drugs that anyone can become dependent on. The physical deterioration that meth addicts undergo is often chronicled in photographs to warn people off of drugs.

Meth can be a very addictive drug because of how strongly it affects the central nervous system. Usually taken in powder form it is a popular illegal drug because of the sense of euphoria and pleasurable sensations that it gives people.

People often use meth as a means of coping with a life that they feel is out of control and depressing. Meth can give addicts a false sense of happiness and pleasure by directly affecting a person’s sense of pleasure and happiness.

But in reality meth will cause the body to breakdown over time that can be seen physically, but also emotionally. It’s a difficult drug to come clean from once someone has become addicted, but new hope has come in the form of antibodies.

They may be the answer to helping meth addicts stay clean. Although there needs to be a lot more research and testing, preliminary findings seem very promising.

Blunting The Temptation

At the crux of meth addiction is the insatiable need an addict has to feel high from taking the drug. Because meth has such a strong effect on a human’s central nervous system, these urges often seem uncontrollable. So uncontrollable, in fact, that trying to kick a meth habit has been incredibly hard. However, there has been some interesting advancements in the study of treating meth addictions.

There has been an increasing amount of research and studies done on medications that can help blunt the temptation a meth addict feels to do the drug by lowering the pleasurable sensation it gives the brain. While the studies are complex and involve in depth research and testing, the ultimate goal is pretty straightforward.

Medications are being developed to help make drugs less pleasurable for addicts, so the need to take them aren’t as strong. This is done by having an addict take a medication on a regular basis that creates anti-meth antibodies.

This will curb the cravings for meth so much that it can help create a long-term way to treat someone suffering from meth addiction. These antibodies even prove to be effective if someone relapses and decides to use meth again.

The antibodies will stop the drugs from affecting a person’s central nervous system so the drug won’t be pleasurable like it was before. The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists have been conducting experiments with these types of medications, and said they have seen promising results. These results are particularly promising, because it even helps if the addict relapses.

Beginning Of New Ways To Treat Other Addictions

While this type of treatment is still in its infancy, this is being looked upon by experts as potentially a new type of treatment that could also be effective against alcoholism and other types of drug abuse. Although it will probably be a while before these types of medications are prescribed on a regular basis to people who suffer from addictions, the use of antibodies holds an amazing amount of potential when it comes to helping people cope with their addictions.

For particularly long-term, hardcore users these types of medications a long with more traditional treatments may yield results when everything else has failed. As addiction treatment becomes more and more sophisticated, how drugs affects the central nervous system will become more central in research on how to treat it. More research needs to be done on how safe these antibody  medications are, who the right people are to prescribe them to, and how they can be integrated into a meth addict’s recovery plan.

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