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Are Millenials Generation Moderation?

Americans in their twenties and thirties are now developing different habits than previous generations when it comes to alcohol. Beverage manufacturers and even the media have noticed a decline in alcohol use among people between ages 22 to 38. Millennials are now choosing sobriety and health instead of heavy drinking as a way to cope with life’s problems.

Millenials Generation Moderation?

Not all millennials have chosen to become completely sober but many are finding that a moderate approach to alcohol works better for them. Only drinking on special occasions or limiting their intake has proven to be the method of choice for young adults looking to develop healthier habits. Others are interested in non-alcoholic options as a substitute for drinking when they go out with friends such as non-alcoholic beers or “mocktails”.

People in the young generation are starting to see the negative effects that drinking regularly can have on their lives. They are tired of going to work feeling hungover and spending too much money on a night out because they kept buying more drinks. Focusing on their health and saving up money for something they need are higher on their list of priorities.

Although there isn’t enough data to tell if millennials have changed their drinking habits on a grander scale, trends suggest that heavy alcohol consumption is less common among young adults of this generation. They favor more balanced methods of coping with stress such as yoga and meditation and are less likely to turn to alcohol to feel better. They also prefer alcohol-free drinks and events that don’t offer booze when they go out.

Millennials feel less pressure to drink in order to have fun and they tend to support one another about the decision to be sober. Young people are finally embracing the benefits of healthy and sober living.

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