How Addictive Are Sleeping Pills?

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“Insomnia was my gateway to drug addiction” “It took me years to beat my sleeping pill addiction, and another year before I beat my insomnia” Approximately ten percent of Americans suffer from long-term insomnia, with up to thirty percent experiencing short-term bouts. If you have suffered from insomnia, you know how distressing it can be….

Everything You Need To Know About Addiction

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Over 20 million Americans have at least one addiction. It is so common that almost everyone is either struggling with addiction or knows someone who is struggling with addiction. Yet in spite of addiction being so widespread, it is still treated as taboo and misinformation is rife. The most common misconception is that addiction is…

3 Non-Drug Addictions Which Are Surprisingly Common

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Most people think that alcohol and substance abuse are the only real types of addiction. It is hard for them to take any other kinds of addiction seriously. This is especially true of addictions that don’t involve your body in any direct way. After all, we have learned to think about addiction in terms of…

3 Red Flags For Recovering Addicts In New Relationships

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It’s no secret that addiction plays havoc in relationships. Families are torn apart, while romantic partners are betrayed or let down. There is a reason most recovering addicts in new relationships fear it all going wrong. When you start dating again, it is all too easy to repeat old patterns. You’ve spent years learning to…

Tips For Speaking To Your Kids About Your Addiction

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I’ve known many parents who struggle with addiction who have tried to keep their kids out of the loop. The logic may seem sound to you: young children in particular can’t understand addiction, and parents need to retain some level of authority over their kids. Explaining your addiction to your kids is a frightening idea,…

How To Use The Senses To Ground Yourself In Recovery

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Recovering addicts tend to struggle to stay grounded and present. We obsess over the mistakes of the past and the potential catastrophes in the future. During recovery, one of the most important lessons is to live “just for today.” Living in the present is so important because it is impossible to recover in anything but…

5 Ways To Prevent Bad Dreams As A Recovering Addict

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Many recovering addicts struggle every night with bad dreams and nightmares. There are a number of reasons for this. Some of us are battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dream about the traumas we went through. For others, including me, bad dreams are a side effect of psychiatric medication. The dreams that I have every…

Why You Need To Leave Your Narratives Behind

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When I started my addiction recovery, I was enamored by everything I was learning about myself. I learned that my parents’ own addictions had led to my abandonment issues. I learned that in becoming a parentified child, I had developed the need to control everything. There was so much more. It was like reading a…

The Benefits Of A Beginner’s Mind As A Recovering Addict

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One of the important mindfulness attitudes that Jon Kabat-Zinn speaks about is the Beginner’s Mind. As a recovering addict, having a beginner’s mind can transform your experience of life outside of rehab. Our minds have a remarkable ability to build up huge stores of information that we don’t have to consciously access. Without this ability,…

3 Types Of Breathing To Ground Yourself When In Distress

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When you are in alcohol and drug rehab, you learn the importance of breathing. Breathing is something we all do automatically, but when done with intention, it can be used to manage your feelings and cravings. Breathing has a number of purposes when you are in distress. At its simplest, it is a way of…

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