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Best Free Addiction Recovery Apps For Mobile

Addiction recovery apps can be an incredible supplement to your recovery journey. Because addiction is a complicated disease, recovery does not end when you leave rehab. On the contrary, rehab is the start of your journey. When you are working through an outpatient program, or are getting back to your regular routine, addiction recovery apps can help you stay sober.
Addiction Recovery Apps
Please note that the following addiction recovery apps are intended as a supplement to a complete treatment program. While they are very helpful to recovering addicts who have left rehab, they are unlikely to help you beat addiction in the first place.

The following are 3 of the best free addiction recovery apps for mobile.

Sober Grid

One of the most important tools for people recovering from addiction is community support. A good community is a significant part of rehab programs, outpatient support, and 12 Step meetings. Sober Grid is an addiction recovery app that provides an extensive virtual community for recovering addicts.

Sober Grid is a kind of social media platform, except it is more similar to chat room apps like Discord than a platform like Facebook or Twitter. On Sober Grid, you can join a number of groups to discuss how you’re feeling. You can get answers to questions which might be nagging you, with advice from peers who have been through or are going through something similar. Simply finding out that you are not alone can be quite helpful and reassuring.

Beyond the community, Sober Grid has tools which prompt you to check in every day with how you are feeling. It gives you space to make a daily pledge for yourself. And every day it provides unique quests that will help you achieve your sobriety goals.


If you want a simple addiction recovery app that tracks your days of sobriety, SoberTool is perfect. SoberTool prompts you with a daily check in. You can track your days of recovery, including any relapses. Not only does it track your recovery itself, but it tracks your moods and feelings as well. This way, it helps you get a better understanding of what incidents and feelings lead to greater urges.

SoberTool gives you motivational messages, along with a search engine for addiction recovery-related questions. There is also a chat function, although it is not as developed as the community provided by Sober Grid. A great additional feature on SoberTool is an activity to help you avoid relapse when triggered, with questions to work through and uplifting messages.


Nomo is another simple app that lets you create a number of sober clocks. You can use these to track how long you have been sober, how long a relapse lasts, along with any other habits which threaten your sobriety. It gives you a clear idea of exactly where you are in your journey.

You can share these sober clocks with loved ones, who can then motivate you when you feel at risk of relapse. You can also connect it to your social media in order to share achievements with your network.

Nomo is perfect for anyone who wants an uncomplicated tracker that connects them with their supporters.

All of the above apps are free and allow you to remain completely anonymous. Remember that these apps are supplemental to your recovery and are not a replacement for intensive addiction treatment.

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