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Guide to Finding the Best Drug Rehab

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When you have an addiction and are ready to go into recovery, you will need to take some time to find a treatment program that works for you. Professional help is always necessary when there is a serious addiction present. Attempting to quit on your own can be dangerous and lead to relapse and in some cases overdose. In order to turn your life around you will need to look into a treatment center in the location of your choice that will offer everything necessary to get you sober. As you learn more about treatment you will realize that there are an array of different options and it may seem confusing or frustrating at first if you don’t know what type to choose. There are many factors to consider when finding a rehab and only you will know which facility will suit you the best.

Considering Your Condition for Drug Rehab Centers

The first thing to think about when you are researching drug treatment is the current state of your condition. It can be hard to measure especially if you have just recently realized that you need to get help and that your drug use is a problem. You should ask yourself a few questions which could allow you to narrow down some of your options for treatment. Do you struggle every day with your addiction and feel compelled to use drugs habitually? If you find it difficult to make it through even a day without your usual substance abuse then you should focus on longer programs with inpatient treatment. If you feel that you would be tempted to use without supervision then living in a facility would serve you best. Otherwise, less serious conditions can consider outpatient as an option.

Special Needs in Drug and Alcohol Rehabvegan meals at the facility

As you focus on whether you need inpatient or outpatient treatment you should also think about whether you have any special needs that need to be addressed during your stay in rehab. Do you have a health condition that must be cared for while in treatment? Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness or experience psychological issues? These are important considerations to take into account because any other issue could potentially interfere with your treatment and decrease your chances of success if you do not have all of your special needs met. Even something like diet can be important such as having access to vegetarian or vegan meals at the facility to accommodate your personal choices. Before choosing a treatment center you need to make sure that it will meet all your unique needs so that you will be comfortable in rehab.

The Location of Drug Treatment Centers

People often have certain preferences when it comes to the location of their rehab facility so it is definitely an important factor to take into account when making your choice. You might prefer something very close to your home so that you can have more contact with your family or loved ones while you are receiving treatment. Others might want to get away from their current surroundings and travel somewhere far from the city, sometimes even out of state. This might help them get into a different mental state so that they make the necessary changes to become sober. Some people simply don’t have the option of travelling for treatment because they need to care for young children or they have legal issues. It is up to you to decide what type of location will be the best option for rehab.

Paying for Drug Abuse Treatment

Although the focus should be on getting the best treatment that you can for a full recovery, you will have to consider the cost of each program. It is never easy to have to think about money when you are facing a personal crisis and need help but you will want to be in a good financial situation after leaving rehab. You will find that some of the inpatient programs you are interested in will charge fees for enrolling and for services throughout treatment. Talk to your insurance company and find out if they cover addiction treatment either through partial or full payment. If your insurance doesn’t cover the facility of your choice then you might have to take out a small loan or pay out of pocket if that is at all possible. Even though it might narrow down your list of potential treatment centers, cost is one of the most important factors.

Length of Stay for Inpatient Drug Rehab

If you are going to be living in the facility for a period of time during inpatient treatment then you need to find out how long that will be. People with more serious conditions will need to find a program that allows them to stay as long as possible so that they can get the full benefit of treatment. A severe addiction requires adequate time for recovery so that the patient feels completely ready to handle being sober on their own. Longer programs have also proven to have statistical benefits over shorter programs. If you feel that you can handle a shorter program because your symptoms are milder then this is something to consider instead of staying longer than necessary. The average stay in rehab is about three months but the length of time varies with each treatment center.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab

Some people choose outpatient treatment because of certain factors like the need to continue working or to be at home to care for children. They might worry that outpatient treatment will be less effective but they cannot choose inpatient because of their current situation. Some facilities guarantee that they have an intensive outpatient rehab that is designed to have many of the same programs offered through inpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient rehabs usually include the same types of therapies and workshops that are available if you stay in the facility. With intensive outpatient treatment you can spend plenty of time working on recovery solutions and still be able to go to work or be with your family. Outpatient treatment is also less costly in most cases because you are not paying for the services provided while staying at the facility.

Staff Members at the Best Drug Rehab Centers

Out of all the time you spend in a treatment facility, a good portion of it will be with the staff members who work there so it is important to find out more about them. You can either check the treatment center’s website or call to find out what kind of certifications each of the staff members have. Making sure that each person working at the facility is specially trained will make you feel more at ease as you know you will be in good hands. The best drug rehab centers employ only people who are highly qualified and have years of experience working in the field of addiction treatment. You can also find out the staff to client ratio to determine if you will be getting enough personal attention to have your needs met from staff that aren’t overwhelmed with too many clients.

Length of Stay for Inpatient Drug RehabThe Best Drug Treatment Centers Offer Comprehensive Treatment

Some treatment centers have a very straightforward and narrow approach to how they handle addiction but a better rehab will have more comprehensive treatment. This means that the treatment center offers a wide range of different therapies and approaches to their treatment so that patients are able to experience improvements in all areas of their life and health. Comprehensive treatment would have complementary, experiential and traditional options of the most current therapies available.  This would include holistic treatment meaning therapies that focus on the complete health of the patient by caring for the mind, body and spirit. Holistic treatment often includes things like meditation and nutrition so that patients have a better sense of well-being. Comprehensive treatment would also include alternative non-12 step care for people who take issue with twelve step groups for various reasons.

Accreditation at the Best Drug Rehab

When you are researching facilities for treatment one important thing to ask is whether the rehab has been accredited. This means it has been evaluated by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and it meets certain standards of quality that they have determined are optimal for treatment. A treatment center that has been accredited has proven that patients are given the best care possible and those that complete the program tend to be successful. In most cases it also indicates that the facility has been treating people with addiction for a number of years in order to establish themselves. A good question to ask when looking into rehab is how long the facility has been working to treat addiction. You might feel more comfortable at a place that you know has been established for its quality through years or even decades of helping others.

Waiting Lists at Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

It is very unfortunate for the patients but the reality of enrolling in rehab is that many treatment centers have to put people on a waiting list. This is something that can be very frustrating especially for people that are suffering and need help right away. It might be a good idea to find out first if a facility has any kind of waiting list before you make it your first choice for treatment. If you need to get help right away then it is best to find a rehab that will be able to accommodate you as soon as you enroll. Waiting months to get into a treatment facility is very dangerous for your addiction and could cause you to relapse or lose the resolve to quit. Keep exploring all of your options until you find the right place with more availability for patients.

Follow Up Programs at Drug Addiction Rehab Centers

It is important for patients to have an option for aftercare when they complete their treatment program. The transition between living full time at a facility and going back home as a sober person can be a very rocky time for most people. They will have to learn how to go about their daily routine without feeling tempted to use drugs again. You should make sure that whatever treatment center you choose has a follow up program so that you won’t be stranded after finishing rehab. Aftercare programs help prevent relapse and statistics have shown that patients have a much better chance at long-term sobriety if they are able to receive aftercare. Even if you feel confident that you will remain sober after treatment, it is best to have the option available in case any issues come up.

Detox as Part of Help for Drug AddictionDetox as Part of Help for Drug Addiction

You must keep in mind that part of going to rehab is taking into account how you will complete detox. Most treatment centers require that you go through a detox program prior to living in a rehab facility. Some facilities offer their own detox options on site and others might require you to find another location or service to get through detox. Find out what the treatment centers policies are regarding detox and make arrangements accordingly so that you will have no issues enrolling in the inpatient program.

Starting Treatment at the Best Drug Rehabilitation

Once you have weighed all the various factors and have finally chosen the best drug treatment for you then it will be time to finally move into the facility. Before starting treatment make sure that you are fully prepared for the time spent away from home by packing all your essentials, tying up loose ends at work or at home and getting mentally ready for the hard work of recovery. It is important to understand that in a treatment center you need to follow all the rules of the facility and do your best to apply everything that you learn in therapy and workshops. You need to follow the schedule that the program provides for you and stay committed to your goals in order to experience success in rehab. You will have a better experience in treatment if you are open minded and willing to change and grow.

Guide to Malibu Drug Rehab

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Drug addiction is more than just a habitual behavior, it is a complicated physical and psychological issue that causes changes to the brain and body. When a person engages in substance abuse for many years they go through a drastic transformation and may look and act completely different than they did in the past. Their life begins to revolve around drug abuse and everything that they do centers around how to get their next fix. Addiction can become such a major part of a person’s life that the idea of quitting can seem frightening and even impossible. Because addiction is such a complex issue to tackle, professional treatment at a drug rehab is usually the best solution for someone to recover.

Malibu Addiction Causes

There is not any single cause for addiction but rather a number of different factors which can contribute to someone developing addictive behavior. Certain lifestyle factors such as frequently having high stress levels because of work, relationships or mental illness can lead to an addiction. Being exposed to substance use at a young age can also increase the likelihood that someone will begin using drugs when they reach adolescence or adulthood. Severe psychological trauma is another environmental factor because people may use drugs to avoid dealing with painful feelings and memories. There are also biological factors which influence addiction such as having a parent with an addiction or having a pre-existing mental illness. Physically, drug use actually alters the brain affecting areas associated with reward, memory and motivation. People’s brains become conditioned to need drugs to feel normal which is part of what causes withdrawal symptoms.Drug Rehab Guide

Why Malibu Drug Rehab is Necessary

The physiological changes that occur when someone uses drugs on a daily basis create a physical and mental dependency that makes it very hard to quit on your own. Physically, when an addict stops using drugs they will have painful withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches, insomnia and a number of other reactions. This is one of the reasons someone with an addiction finds it hard to be sober for a few days or even just 24 hours. Their body is so accustomed to having the drug in the system that it reacts when it doesn’t receive the normal dose. Mental addiction can also be very powerful because it can cause people’s thoughts to be completely consumed with their drug use. Every day they will be totally focused on when they are going to use drugs and how they are going to get them. Breaking mental addiction can take a lot of time and ongoing effort.

Finding Specialized Malibu Treatment

An important thing to understand about addiction is that there is no single treatment approach that works for everyone. Every treatment can vary depending on a patient’s level of drug abuse, the type of drug they are addicted to, their individual characteristics and background as well as mental health factors. In order to be successful in recovery it is best to avoid going to a rehab center that is too general or doesn’t make the effort to tailor programs to their patient’s unique needs. Treatment settings and services should be matched to an individual’s particular problems so that they can experience a complete recovery with much less danger of relapse. With specialized treatment people tend to be more successful and fare better after they complete their rehab program.

Early Treatment at Rehabs in Malibu

Addiction is a disease that progresses very quickly and that is why the earlier that a person receives treatment the better it will be for their recovery. As soon as you or someone you love make the decision to get help then it is crucial to enroll in treatment right away. Waiting too long or hesitating about rehab could lead to backsliding or losing their resolve to go into recovery. The longer a person is involved with addiction the more likely they are to experience serious health problems, both physical and mental, and in some cases they may eventually overdose. Getting treatment early means a greater chance of success and it can prevent some of the negative consequences that usually go along with a long-term addiction. If someone is ready to go to rehab then make sure that treatment is available as quickly as possible.

How Long Should You Stay at a Malibu Rehab Center?

It is critical not only to enter treatment as early as possible but also to stay in the program as long as is necessary. Although some patients might feel confident that they can complete a shorter rehab program and be successful it really depends on the severity of their addiction and any other problems that are associated with it. Rehab should treat every need of the patient including other issues such as social or vocational problems and symptoms of mental illness. The amount of time that a person needs to stay in rehab can vary depending on these factors but typically most addicted individuals will require up to three months of treatment in order to have a significant impact on their symptoms.

What to Expect at Treatment Centers in MalibuWhat to Expect at Treatment Centers in Malibu

Everyone that enters treatment for addiction will likely be nervous and wonder what will happen when they begin rehab. In a residential program you will first have to get an assessment to help determine what treatment plan will work best for you. After this the next step is detox which can be one of the most challenging aspects of quitting an addiction. The period of time you spend in detox will be when you experience most of your physical withdrawal symptoms as you rid your body of the toxins built up from years of drug use. After detox you will then move into the residential facility and will have a strict schedule including meal times, therapy sessions, activities and classes. Treatment programs usually ask patients to adhere to their schedule every day because too much unstructured time can be dangerous when you are in recovery.

Withdrawal Symptoms in a Malibu Detox Center

People entering treatment often worry the most about detox because it will be their first time spending several days or even weeks completely sober. The way a person feels during detox can vary greatly depending on a lot of personal factors like the type of drug they used, the amount that they would normally take and the frequency of substance abuse. Other issues like mental health problems can also influence how a person reacts to detox. People most often have symptoms like anxiety, disturbed sleep, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness, shakiness, sweating and mood swings. Withdrawal is usually the most intense in the first few days of abstinence and the symptoms tend to taper off and eventually subside within a week or a few weeks depending on the individual.

Using Medications at a Drug Rehab Malibu

Ideally, a patient in rehab would be able to quit their addiction by being completely sober and abstaining from any substance use so that they can become adjusted to a new lifestyle. For most people this is possible but in some cases medication is necessary to ease them into their sobriety. This usually occurs with drugs that cause more serious dependencies such as heroin or prescription opioids. People trying to quit opioids can be provided with a substitute medication such as buprenorphine or methadone to help stave off their withdrawal symptoms. The benefit of using medications is mainly that it reduces cravings without creating a sense of euphoria which would cause addiction. Patients can significantly reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms to help them get through rehab. Over time the physical can decrease the dose of medication so that patients can eventually be completely sober without any substitute drug.

Types of Therapy in a Malibu Recovery Center

The main focus of the work that you do in recovery is through therapy with a specially trained counselor who understands addiction including its many causes and how to quit. Therapy can be helpful in a few different formats to focus on personal needs or relationships issues. The types of therapy that are typically provided in a recovery center are individual, group, and family therapy. Patients might only attend one type or they might benefit from having all three as a part of their program. Individual therapy is where patients begin to open up and discuss all of the circumstances, feelings and problems which led to the development of their addiction. Group therapy can help people improve their communication skills and their ability to connect with others through sharing stories, encouragement and advice. Family therapy gets parents, siblings, spouses or other relatives involved in recovery so that they can help the addict get better. In therapy family members have a chance to resolve any issues that may be causing rifts in their relationship.

Twelve Step Groups at a Malibu Alcohol Rehab

Another type of therapeutic element of treatment is through twelve step groups which offer a traditional, long-successful method of dealing with addiction. When you attend twelve step groups you not only get a chance to discuss your experiences openly with other people who are struggling with addiction but you also go through an established set of guidelines that will help you stay sober. Going through each of the twelve steps allows people to follow a path that eases some of their suffering and helps them cope with the issues that contributed to their addiction in a constructive way.

Physical Healing in a Malibu Addiction Center

Drug addiction can have a devastating effect on a person’s body as it goes through the stressful ups and downs of having toxic chemicals it is constantly trying to filter out. Liver damage is very common especially among people addicted to alcohol as well as stomach and digestion issues, respiratory problems or heartrate irregularities. People with long-term addictions often don’t get the necessary amount of sleep, hydration and nutrition that they need to be in good physical health. Rehab is a chance to heal from physical ailments with the help of a doctor, nutritionist and the body’s natural ability to recover once it is free from toxins.

Malibu Treatment Center Alternative TherapiesMalibu Treatment Center Alternative Therapies

In addition to the set times for talking with an addiction counselor or therapist, many rehab centers allow patients to explore other types of therapies. They may have options for art therapy which lets people express themselves creatively through drawing, painting, sculpture, music or writing. Patients may also have a chance to try meditation as a way to relax their mind, reduce stress and increase their awareness which can all be helpful in coping with addiction. Group activities like hiking, swimming or other sports can also prove therapeutic because it gives people time to bond and take their mind off of things.

Considering Malibu Addiction Center Cost

When you are looking into getting residential treatment at a rehab facility, the most important things to consider are whether you will feel comfortable there and if it is within your financial means. Trying to attend a treatment center you can’t afford will only cause more issues when you leave and can create unnecessary stress. Look for a treatment center where your insurance company will pay most or all of the cost for rehab. If that’s not possible then find something that you can pay for through a small loan or directly through a private payment.

The Effects of a Malibu Rehab Facility

Although addiction is a chronic disease that is never truly cured, staying at a rehab facility can greatly improve your ability to remain sober permanently. Some people may have rough moments where they backslide or even relapse, but most patients find that they can handle their life much more effectively after they spend a few months at a treatment center. The time patients spend in therapy makes them better at communication, maintaining relationships, handling responsibilities and being accountable. Rehab is a place where people learn and grow so that they can become the best version of themselves.

Guide to Drug Treatment

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Although recreational drug use can be very common especially among younger people, substance abuse is never something to be taken lightly. Even minor drug use can eventually become more frequent and ultimately lead to a serious addiction. Most drugs cause chemical changes in the brain and while some are more addictive than others, continual use of any drug leads to a physical dependency. When an individual cannot function without the use of drugs on a regular basis then it is necessary for them to get professional treatment. There are a lot of issues that go along with drug abuse and addiction that need to be addressed in order for a person to fully recover. Abstinence is only one aspect of sobriety because there are many other factors at play when it comes to addiction.

When to Get Drug Addiction Treatment

Often the people that are dealing with substance abuse problems are not fully aware that they have an addiction. Drug use can change the way a person thinks and they start to develop denial or the inability to recognize the dangers of their behavior. They may feel that they are completely in control of their drug use or believe that they can stop any time when that is not necessarily the case. Some of the clearer signs of addiction are the need to use drugs to cope with difficult situations or in many cases simply to get through the day. An addict also looks forward to their drug use so much that it consumes their thoughts and becomes the focus of their daily life. If you or someone you love has been experiencing this type of situation then it may be time to consider drug treatment.

Confronting Someone About Drug TreatmentConfronting Someone About Drug Treatment

If you suspect that someone you love has been developing a dependency on drugs then you might want to think about the best way to discuss the subject with them. Talking with people about addictions can be tricky because they can become defensive or feel attacked if you don’t take the right approach. Learn as much about addiction and treatment as you can before talking with them and prepare what you want to say beforehand you don’t end up saying the wrong thing. One thing to think about when confronting someone is to find the right time to talk to them. You should never talk to them when they are under the influence but wait until they are sober and more willing to listen. Try to reserve judgement and anger which can backfire and instead be gentle, patient and open.

Interventions for Drug Treatment Programs

Sometimes you want to convince a loved one to enter a drug treatment program but you find it too difficult to approach them through a one-on-one conversation. If this is the case then you can instead try to set up an intervention by gathering together a group of friends and family members that are also feeling concerned about this person’s drug use. Make sure to talk with everyone that plans to be a part of the intervention and make an effort to have everyone on the same page as far as what to say and what type of approach to use. Tell everyone involved to set aside any personal issues they might have with this person and focus on getting them to enter treatment. The purpose of an intervention is to show an addict how many people are worried about them and want to see them get better.

Problems to Address in Treatment for Drug Addiction

Although the ultimate goal of treatment is sobriety, someone with an addiction has a lot more to work on than simply quitting their drug use. Addiction leads to all sorts of issues that need to be treated and resolved during rehab treatment. When a person has lost control of their drug use they are often so focused on it that they create problems with their relationships, their finances and could even lose their jobs. Addiction can also lead to some serious health issues including physical ailments and symptoms of mental illness. While in treatment, an addict will need medical assistance in treating their physical health problems and will need a lot of time spent in therapy to deal with their psychological and behavioral issues that have developed over the course of their addiction.

Tolerance and Withdrawal in Drug Rehab Treatment

People with addictions often end up increasing the amount of drugs that they take on a regular basis over time. This is due to an increase in their tolerance, or their ability to experience the effects of the drug. After using drugs for a period of time, their usual amount will not have the same effect and they need to increase the dosage to feel high. This gradual increase occurs periodically throughout a person’s addiction so that after many years of substance abuse, the person will need to take a considerable amount to feel anything. This high level of tolerance makes quitting very difficult because suddenly stopping all drug use will inevitably cause the body to react strongly. Withdrawal symptoms tend to occur when someone has a very high tolerance for drugs.

Detoxing in Malibu Drug TreatmentDetoxing in Malibu Drug Treatment

Because withdrawal can be an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous thing for addicts to go through it is important to attend a licensed detox facility for help. Quitting drinking or using drugs at home without any help can often lead to relapse which can be especially risky. When an addict normally has a very high tolerance and they quit using drugs for several days they may dramatically lower their tolerance without realizing it. If they relapse and end up using their normal amount of drugs they can easily overdose because their tolerance has changed. In a detox facility, patients will not have to worry about potentially relapsing because they will be in a place where they are required to stay sober until all the chemicals leave their body. Staff members keep all patients in detox save and comfortable so that they can get through withdrawal without any problems.

Understanding the Addicted Brain in Drug Treatment Facilities

One of the reasons addiction can take such a powerful hold on people is due to its physical effects on the brain. There are certain neurotransmitters in the brain that pass information from one cell to another and are responsible for regulating functions like mood, sleep, appetite and concentration. Drug consumption as well as other unhealthy lifestyle choices can deplete some of these neurotransmitters and boost others outside of their optimal range which causes a number of negative effects. One of these neurotransmitters is dopamine which is known to be associated with feelings of pleasure and happiness. Most drugs tend to boost dopamine so that happy feelings and euphoria tend to last longer than they do with more natural activities. Eventually, drugs change the way dopamine functions so much that normal activities that used to bring pleasure have no neurological effect.

Dealing with Trauma in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Although drugs have a definite physical effect on the brain which contributes to addiction, there are other reasons why certain people get drawn into substance abuse. A number of people in drug and alcohol treatment have experienced some sort of trauma either recently or in their early childhood. Traumatic experiences as a child can have a lasting impact and make it difficult for people to adjust normally as they grow into an adult. Examples of trauma could be abuse either in the form physical, sexual or emotional abuse as well as the sudden loss of a parent or other close family member. Any form of abuse in early childhood is associated with higher than average rates of substance abuse. During treatment, addicts can begin to discuss their trauma in therapy and learn how to understand the relationship between their psychological history and addiction.

Education in a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

In addition to talking with a therapist about any past traumas or other issues that might have led to an addiction, patients in rehab need to be educated about addiction itself. Most people who enter treatment might not fully understand what has caused them to become addicted and why they have so little control over their behavior. Most rehab centers include some type of rehab education either in individual therapy, group meetings or workshops that help patients understand what addiction really is and the factors that cause it to continue. Addicts may not even realize that they are using drugs as a way to handle their emotions, stress or boredom with life. They can learn to identify what their particular triggers are and what causes them to want to engage in drug use in certain situations. Understanding how your own addiction works is very useful in preventing relapse in the future.

Group Meetings in Alcohol Treatment CentersGroup Meetings in Alcohol Treatment Centers

For people that are addicted to alcohol, they might end up participating in twelve step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or other types of group meetings. This type of format has been a long-standing method of giving people with alcohol problems a chance to tell their stories and connect with other people in a constructive format. A.A. and other types of meetings are a good way for people in recovery to start establishing their much needed support network of people that will be there for them when they fall on hard times. Alcoholics and other types of addicts tend to isolate themselves while they are addicted and this can often increase their level of substance abuse. People who feel more connected and are able to talk with someone in times of stress will not feel as much of a need to use drugs as a coping mechanism.

Drugs Requiring Treatment for Addiction

Addiction can come in many forms and there is not any one person who wouldn’t benefit from receiving professional treatment for their substance abuse. The most common types of drugs that are abused to the point of addiction are cocaine, heroin, prescription opioids, alcohol and methamphetamines. Although these are the most common there are many other drugs that can be addictive and require treatment such as marijuana, ecstasy, ketamine, LSD, and benzodiazepines. No matter what type of drug a person is using, as long as they are exhibiting some of the signs of addiction such as tolerance and withdrawal they can receive treatment from a rehab facility.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms in a Drug Rehab Treatment Center

People who get addicted to drugs become adjusted to falling back on their substance abuse as a way to handle stress, depression, anxiety, anger or any other emotion that comes up. Self-medicating is a very common problem among people with addictions because that is the only way they have learned how to cope with the hard parts of life. Addicts rehab need to learn other strategies to cope with problems so that they can stay sober and avoid relapse when they experience hardships. Effective coping mechanisms such as having a healthy routine, staying connected with loved ones, and talking to close friends in times of stress can all help prevent relapse.

Options for Luxury Drug Rehab Centers

Drug treatment can vary greatly and does not always look the same for every rehab center. Some treatment facilities are considered luxury options because they provide plenty of amenities for their patients to feel comfortable and relaxed. Luxury rehabs are often in beautiful locations and provide specialized therapies that may not be available at other rehabs such as holistic and alternative treatment approaches. Depending on someone’s personal preferences and their financial resources, they may want to choose a luxury treatment center as the place where they will be most at ease.

Leaving California Drug Rehab Centers

No matter what type of drug you are addicted to or what type of rehab you are attending you will need to prepare yourself for the moment that you leave. Going home after completing treatment can be very intimidating because it will be the first time you are attempting sobriety completely on your own. It is a good idea to keep attending twelve step meetings, stay in contact with friends from rehab or enroll in an aftercare program to ensure that you are not going to relapse. In order to be fully successful in treatment, patients need to have the ability to remain sober in the long-term and handle their abstinence without professional assistance in the future.

Choosing a rehab can help you or your loved one with addiction

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Addiction is an unfortunate reality of this world and it is something that is extremely damaging to relationships, families and people in general. Alcohol and drugs are two of the most commonly abused substances and both are very dangerous items that can destroy the health and wreck the lives not only of the addict, but also of those close to him or her.

Would You Benefit From Rehab?Is anyone in your family addicted to alcohol or drugs? Do you wish to take him or her to a rehabilitation center? Here are step by step guide how choosing a right rehabilitation can help your loved with addiction.

What to do

It can be a gut-wrenching feeling to entertain the thought of your child succumbing to drug addiction. A lot of parents struggle to find the answer to what to do when your teen suffers from a drug addiction problem. If you think your teenager has a substance use disorder, here’s what you can do:

Confirm it

There’s nothing like being suspicious of the changes in your teen’s behavior or attitude to make you think they might be doing drugs. But before you jump to outlandish conclusions, make sure your feelings are based on the truth. You could look out for any of the physical or behavioral signs, or even ask them outright. If they refuse to tell the truth and you still have suspicions you might look in their room for any drug paraphernalia.

Know what addiction is

Many types of addictions can be caused by a lack of emotional strength, or an individual’s inability to deal or cope with a situation emotionally. While some people chase after the thrill of trying out something they never have before, some people seek out drugs as a way to get high. When you’re high, you forget your problems and you feel happier. That’s how most addicts think about it, anyway. Before they know it, there’s nothing more on their mind than getting the next fix.

Watch out for physical changes

Changes in your teen’s sleeping habits, loss of appetite, missing classes, getting in trouble at school or with the law, a change in their set of friends, and a marked decline of their grades can all be symptoms of an addiction problem.

Observe behavioral changes

Is your teen moodier, more irritated, more careless with grooming or personal appearance, is no longer interested in their old hobbies or interests, and keeps getting into conflicts with the rest of the family or other loved ones? These are some of the signs that your teen might be suffering from drug addiction.

Experience Executive Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Center at SerenityUnderstand the condition

Some people think stopping is all a matter of free will, but prolonged drug use actually alters the brain. Don’t make assumptions about your teen’s condition. Learn how to separate facts from fiction.

Get help

Addiction usually makes a person stop caring about the people and things that used to be important in their life. Help them start to care again by getting professional help from a good Malibu rehabilitation center. A rehabilitation center is a place where specialists treat people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. It is just like a residential place or a nursing home. Patients can stay there and get treatment in order to recover from their addictions. Most rehabilitation centers offer world class treatments by specialist doctors. Give them the tools they need to get back on their feet and recover by checking your teen into a facility. Recovery will teach them how to start caring about life again.

Benefits of a Malibu Recovery Center

The best way to treat a person addicted to alcoholism and drugs is to put him in a rehabilitation center. If you have the dedication to overcome the addiction, a good rehabilitation center will provide you all the required help to overcome it successfully. The main benefits of a rehabilitation center are provided below.

  1. Follow a Routine: All patients in the rehabilitation center need to follow a certain routine. That is one of the best qualities of a rehabilitation center. A well organized rehabilitation center plans the day-to-day activities of the patients so that they don’t get distracted by unwanted cravings or triggers.
  2. Group Counseling: The main aim of a rehabilitation center is to provide group counseling. When you are in a group, you tend to recover faster. A good rehabilitation center conducts regular meetings and counseling to make sure that the patient is recovering. It also strives to provide emotional support to patients making them feel everything will be alright so that they can recover from their addiction.
  3. 24 hour support: A rehabilitation center offers 24-hour support for patients. There will be regular staff and doctors to monitor each patient to make sure they don’t lose focus and start using drugs or alcohol during the rehabilitation process.
  4. Help in Overcoming Anxiety: Rehabilitation centers help people to overcome anxiety. Most drug addicts worry about what will happen to them after going through rehabilitation. They are anxious to know how their body will react when the intake of drugs or alcohol is stopped completely. Doctors and therapists will help the patient to overcome this fear and help the patient to recover quickly.

Each year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) conducts The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Its report is a comprehensive look at every facility in the United States that provides treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. It’s aim is to help people in getting the best drug rehab experience possible. The 2014 reports suggested there are more than 14,200 facilities in the U.S., with that number increasing each year.

SAMHSA also reports that 23.5 million people need treatment for substance abuse issues, and rehabs, sober living facilities, and other treatment centers are arising all over the place to try to meet this urgent need.  With so many options, it can seem overwhelming to figure which rehab center is going to give you a good quality experience and offer you the best support it can for your recovery.  While this is a very important decision you must make as an individual, here are some guidelines for figuring out what kind of rehab center will best support your recovery.

NIDA’s 13 Principles

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)  is a government-run research institute that has been on the cutting edge of using scientific knowledge and research to find the best ways to treat addiction. In 1999, after 20 years of research, the NIDA compiled a list of 13 best practices, or characteristics of an effective drug treatment program. Serenity Malibu has sought to put all 13 principles into practice in how it treats everyone who comes to it for care:

  1. No single treatment is appropriate for everyone. Treatment should recognize the unique of each individual, and the different needs and contexts must be taken into consideration.
  2. Readily available treatment – Since sobriety and recovery is such a huge step, there should be as few barriers as possible, so you can get the help you need conveniently.
  3. Addresses multiple needs – It’s not about discontinuing your use. Your physical health, emotional wellbeing, a network of support, and financial independence are all facets of your life that recovery should touch upon.
  4. Flexibility – People providing care should recognize that circumstances can change, and be ready to change their treatment in response. This means making regular assessments on how care is going, and being ready to change things when necessary.
  5. An adequate amount of time – Sometimes people feel rushed or pressured to get out of rehab and back in their normal life as soon as possible. Often, this makes them leave prematurely, unable to handle the triggers of their normal life.
  6. Counseling and therapy – Behavioral therapy, either in a group or one-on-one context,  is an essential to the wellbeing of anyone in recovery.  A trained therapist can help you get to the deeper roots, thoughts, and trauma that may be driving addictive behavior.  As well, therapy can help you develop the interpersonal skills needed to build up your own support network.
  7. Openness to medication – There are a wide variety of medications that can be used to help restore health, make withdrawal more manageable, and reduce cravings.
  8. Treating the mental health disorder as well – A lot of people struggle with what is called Dual Diagnosis, or dealing with a mental health issue and a substance use problem
  9. Detoxification is only the first stage – Discontinuing use is only the first stage of real sobriety. Your job is not done after the substances have left your system. That is only a precursor to when real recovery begins.
  10. Not necessarily voluntary – Research by the NIDA has suggested that there is a place for sanctioned and “forced” entry into rehab, whether by family members or by the court system.
  11. Continuous monitoring – Staff should be making sure that a patient stays committed to recovery, through testing.
  12. Assessment for infectious diseases – Providing care for AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and other diseases that can be precepted by drug use should be a part of care.
  13. A long term process – Don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time, a lot of work, or even needs multiple times to stick. It’s all part of the process, and so aftercare needs to be provided.

What Makes The Malibu Rehabilitation Center So Successful?

Serenity Noted as A Top Drug Rehab Center

When you are looking for a rehabilitation center in Malibu, it is important to focus on finding treatment options that are custom tailored to work in a way to help you recover from your disease. These treatment approaches also employ a wide variety of holistic healing methods. The methods are designed to help the body get as comfortable as possible through the withdrawal period, root out the source of the problem and help clients discover a solution to their problem with addiction.

Here are some factors that make the Malibu rehab center one of the most successful and praised rehab centers in the world:

One On One Treatment – At a rehab center, it is of the utmost importance that each client who is seeking to recover from a harmful addiction feels that they belong and are important. This will boost their self-esteem and confidence, improving their attitudes about their time at the center and increasing their possibility of achieving the best results. At a Malibu rehab center, the needs and progress of each individual client is taken into consideration each week.

All Inclusive And Highly Effective Treatment Plan – The National Institute on Drug Abuse decided there are thirteen basic addiction treatment principles that must be included in any rehab treatment program for optimum success in helping clients recover from addiction. At a rehabilitation center in Malibu, you or your loved one will be given the best of care and go through a treatment plan that includes all thirteen of these basic principles. The results will be highly beneficial and successful. Here are few things why Serenity Malibu will be your best choice.

SMART Recovery Model

Serenity Malibu uses treatment methods that have been shown through research and evidence to be effective. This includes the SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) Recovery, a self-empowering recovery program that, through therapist-facilitated support meetings, that walks you through a four-point program in which you will:

  1. Build and maintain the motivation to choose sobriety
  2. Cope with the urge to use
  3. Manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Live a balanced life.

SMART recovery emphasizes self-empowerment and helps give you concrete steps to live a satisfying life.

A Holistic Approach

Ultimately, recovery is about rebuilding and reclaiming your life from the harm and powerlessness of addiction, and learning how to care for yourself in all areas of life. This means that a full recovery should focus on and attend to all areas of your well-being, physical and emotional health, spiritual well being, mental health, economic freedom, and  social support.

The treatment you receive at Serenity is geared towards meeting all of these needs, with a variety of programs that can benefit one or more of these areas.  Some of the options available to you include yoga, acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, surfing, tennis, hiking, art therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual therapy and more are woven into our program to help heal the mind, body and soul.

Top Staff

Serenity boasts a large, innovative, and highly trained staff that include some of the most notable  addiction care specialists available. You will receive high-quality and cutting-edge care from Serenity’s staff including:

  • Sheila Shilati – Who has worked in the recovery field for ten year, and has been on the cutting edge of service and holistic interventions to people with dual diagnosis. (suffering with both addiction and a mental illness)
  • Mark Stahlhuth – Who has had 34 years of experience conducting psychological assessments in inpatient settings.
  • Damon Raskin – A physician trained specifically in the detoxification process.
  • Ashley Benjamin – An experienced physician who gained most of his experience in the military, emphasizing an approach that uses the least amount of medication necessary to bring someone to real functioning.
  • Patrick Mitchell – A registered addiction specialist and life coach, and a person with personal experience in recovery. He will walk with you in the process, caring for you every step of the way.

Many other staff members offer a wide variety of specialties and perspectives, and have received awards and are noted as being some of the top people in their respective fields.   

When it becomes apparent that a person needs help overcoming his or her addiction, it might be time to consider the options a Malibu rehabilitation center can offer. We offer the opportunity to create an individual treatment plan that will allow for your specific needs and progress. The goal of treatment is to utilize a plan designed to build a strong foundation after leaving the rehab center specifically designed to handle in a healthy way the temptations and pressures of life.


Serenity Malibu is a CARF-accredited dual-diagnosis, world class addiction treatment center for the treatment of a wide range of addictions including addiction to alcohol, opiates and cocaine as well as prescription drug abuse. For treating addiction, we use a blend of western medicine, physiotherapy and other activities for relaxation of the brain like surfing, games, hiking, and kayaking. Top class doctors, therapists, specialists, and clinicians at the Malibu Recovery Center work hard to ensure that you achieve long-term sobriety. Our Malibu recovery center is one of the best rehabilitation centers that helps treat people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

If you’re in the Malibu area, get in touch with us at the Serenity Malibu, for treatment options and programs to help your teen get to recovery.

Finding the right drug rehab center for your young adults

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There are many rehab centers out there for drug addiction treatment in Malibu, there is one out there that’s right for you. Understanding that there are many approaches in treatment is important, but you will need to find an option that you are comfortable with. That’s where Serenity Malibu comes in; we specialize in individualized treatments which will allow you to formulate a process of recovery most conducive to you. Below we discuss a few tips about finding one that can help you.

Don’t Just Read the Reviews

It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much weight a review carries. When it comes to treatment, it is highly suggested you speak with the professionals at the treatment center in order to get a better feel for the program. Reading reviews should be part of the due diligence put into looking for the right treatment center. Look online and see what other people are saying; but you should also consider speaking with the staff as well in order to get the full picture.

Ask about Treatment Options

Every rehab facility has a different specialty and roster of therapeutic offerings. Some focus primarily on holistic healing, emphasizing therapeutic activities and psychotherapy, whereas others put their chemical detox program upfront with therapeutics in the background. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. Overall, our philosophy is a holistic one that incorporates all of these elements with the main emphasis on being able to break the cycle of addiction and replace it with healthy behavior. By offering a combination of medical and psychological treatment along with process groups to help you beat your addiction we can help you learn how to live life on life’s terms.

Growth and Development

Treatment is a place where you are given the tools with which to battle the addiction which was your solution. In place of using as a coping mechanism, you are given the proper tools to handle triggers which once would send your life spiraling out of control. This will take some major changes to how you live life on a daily basis. How you decide to keep living a healthy, sober life is something that needs to be addressed when treatment has been completed.

What you can expect from rehab center

When you are struggling to find answers and you cannot break the cycle of addiction on your own, there are treatment programs available. Finding a Malibu treatment center that fits your needs, might be a little difficult, but by no means is it impossible.

That’s why It is important to know what steps need to be taken in order to help facilitate the proper treatment for the issues of addiction you are struggling with. After all, knowledge is power. Here are some things you can expect to experience at Serenity Malibu.

Immediate Attention

When a patient checks in, intake procedures begin immediately and this includes both a medical exam as well as the start to a unique course of treatment. If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s that each client will receive the right type of attention. It is important to understand that while there are similarities in successful treatment, each client has a different way in which they relate to the program.

An Individualized Therapy Regimen

Once the client’s needs are assessed properly, the treatment approach varies directly based on your addiction, medical condition and psychological state. We combine a number of treatment options that range from therapeutic to assistance with physical detox. Since every client is different and we treat diverse types of addiction and alcoholism, this means that there are many different approaches taken with the same ultimate goal, to break the cycle of dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Physical Activity

It has been found that when physical exercise is introduced into the daily routine in treatment that the benefits are astounding. We implement exercise and fresh air activities such as: surfing, swimming, and kayaking. Complementing the physical activity is individualized therapy sessions and other types of services that promote physical wellness, such as acupuncture and massage. We take a full body approach to recovery and wellness to help clients make physical, mental and spiritual breakthroughs.

Relapse Prevention

We place a high level of importance in providing each client the opportunity to understand what a relapse is. It is a major point for us to discuss openly that the disease of addiction is not one that will go away forever. It is important to learn healthy coping mechanisms which help deal with triggers. By dealing with these triggers you learn ways in which you can properly handle life on life’s terms and continue to lead a life without addiction.

While you may be nervous about taking the step of checking into rehab, the intake is quick, painless and effective. Rest assured that there are answers to the issues that addiction and alcoholism present. It takes the willingness to change and the courage to ask for help to facilitate the changes necessary to break free from addiction.

Entering the Serenity Recovery center will be your best decision     

At Serenity Malibu, our goal is to provide a luxury rehab facility for our clients that will allow them to have the natural environment and the professional services to learn about addiction and how to lead an addiction free life. Entering the Malibu Recovery Center at Serenity Malibu is a decision that can have a dramatic and positive impact in a person’s sobriety.

Our Malibu treatment center is very different from many rehab locations. We have a beautiful location in the lower levels of Kanan Dume Canyon and from our facility you can walk to the Pacific Ocean. We provide a full array of activities from tennis to kayaking and hiking as well as our highly recognized and regarded therapy and holistic treatment plans.


Your first contact with our recovery center will be with the admissions department. You, or a loved one, will speak directly to one of our trained admissions counselors. These professionals will prepare your admission paperwork and also answer any questions you may have about the program or the facility.

We will also review all aspects of our program so you have a complete understanding of what you will experience. We understand that this is a very big step in your life. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable in taking this step and in understanding we will be here with you along the journey to recovery.

At the same time, the admissions counselor will also talk to you about financial issues and insurance. We will also work with you to ensure you can arrive at the facility when a space is available.


Your admissions counselor will be there for your arrival, so you will have a person you know to greet you. At this time, we will introduce you to a client advocate who will work with you throughout your stay. Your client advocate is your support person while you are in the recovery center.

You will have a tour of the facility and get to see a bit of what you can expect. We will ensure you are comfortable in your room and that you have all the amenities of home. Next, you will go for a full medical examination to begin your detox. Depending on these results you may be given specific medications to assist in reducing the symptoms experienced during detox.

As soon as possible you will start participating in individual and group therapy as well as holistic activities. These are designed to help you to gain confidence and regain your health. With nutritious and delicious meals prepared by our executive chefs, you will feel at home our Malibu facility in just a very short time.

When surveyed, 95% of the people who have undergone treatment at Serenity said they would recommend the experience to a friend or family member.  While there are many aspects of the Serenity experience that set it apart, ultimately the treatment you receive, and the resources at your disposal to really make it stick are ultimately what matters.

SMART Recovery Model

Serenity Malibu uses treatment methods that have been shown through research and evidence to be effective. This includes the SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) Recovery, a self-empowering recovery program that, through therapist-facilitated support meetings, that walks you through a four-point program in which you will:

  1. Build and maintain the motivation to choose sobriety
  2. Cope with the urge to use
  3. Manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Live a balanced life.

SMART recovery emphasizes self-empowerment and helps give you concrete steps to live a satisfying life.

A Holistic Approach

Ultimately, recovery is about rebuilding and reclaiming your life from the harm and powerlessness of addiction, and learning how to care for yourself in all areas of life. This means that a full recovery should focus on and attend to all areas of your well-being, physical and emotional health, spiritual well being, mental health, economic freedom, and  social support.

The treatment you receive at Serenity is geared towards meeting all of these needs, with a variety of programs that can benefit one or more of these areas.  Some of the options available to you include yoga, acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, surfing, tennis, hiking, art therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual therapy and more are woven into our program to help heal the mind, body and soul.

Top Staff

Serenity boasts a large, innovative, and highly trained staff that include some of the most notable  addiction care specialists available. You will receive high-quality and cutting-edge care from Serenity’s staff including:

  • Sheila Shilati – Who has worked in the recovery field for ten year, and has been on the cutting edge of service and holistic interventions to people with dual diagnosis. (suffering with both addiction and a mental illness)
  • Mark Stahlhuth – Who has had 34 years of experience conducting psychological assessments in inpatient settings.
  • Damon Raskin – A physician trained specifically in the detoxification process.
  • Ashley Benjamin – An experienced physician who gained most of his experience in the military, emphasizing an approach that uses the least amount of medication necessary to bring someone to real functioning.
  • Patrick Mitchell – A registered addiction specialist and life coach, and a person with personal experience in recovery. He will walk with you in the process, caring for you every step of the way.

Many other staff members offer a wide variety of specialties and perspectives, and have received awards and are noted as being some of the top people in their respective fields.

One reason why people with addictions are hesitant to enter into rehab programs is the stigma and the portrayal of these facilities. If you see rehab centers on television or in the movies, they are often very clinical settings that are cold, isolated and very impersonal. We provide an impressive quality of life at our Malibu addiction treatment facility

It is important to realize that this is the case for some Malibu addiction treatment facilities, but it is not the case with Serenity Malibu. As a holistic treatment facility for those with addictions, our goal was and continues to be to develop a beautiful oasis that helps to heal the spirit, body and the mind.

By making our Malibu addiction treatment a truly beautiful and relaxing location, we create an atmosphere of healing and health. It is impossible to be surrounded by the natural landscaping and the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and not feel motivated and inspired to achieve your dreams and goals of sobriety. We try to incorporate outdoor activities into our treatment programs, which is all part of the holistic approach.

The Amenities

You will experience more than just an amazing campus and living area when you arrive at our facility. You will find yourself surrounded by people who truly care about your well-being.

serenity-malibu-rehab-logoWe provide a wide range of different therapeutic experiences for our clients. These are all designed to provide you with new and familiar experiences that will assist you in regaining your self-confidence and your natural skills and talents that may have been pushed to the side because of addiction.

Some of the special therapeutic options we offer include acupuncture, cooking therapy, art therapy and fitness therapy. You will also enjoy our equine therapy, family therapy and music therapy, all perfect for connecting two different parts of your life now and in the future.

Throughout your stay you will be able to walk along the Pacific Ocean, swim in our beautifully landscaped pool and enjoy kayaking or surfing. We also offer tennis courts, yoga lessons and massage therapies as a way to add to the holistic healing component of our treatment.

At Serenity Malibu, you will quickly feel like a member of our community. There is always staff available to answer questions or to provide you with compassionate support when you need it. Our experienced staff is always here to help and we offer a full range of services to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

Get a Consultation for Treatment, Talk to Experts on Addiction Now

The Malibu Recovery Center is here to help anyone in need of addiction treatment so they can make a successful recovery. We have counselors available at all times to discuss the addiction issues faced by you or your loved ones and we can answer any questions you might have about treatment.

You can get a free, no obligation and confidential talk with one of our counselors about your addiction issues by calling us at 888.257.6934. We can discuss our program and tell you how Malibu Recovery Center staff and doctors can help to resolve you or your loved one’s addiction issues. Contact us today to get the help you need.


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