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Choosing a rehab can help you or your loved one with addiction

Addiction is an unfortunate reality of this world and it is something that is extremely damaging to relationships, families and people in general. Alcohol and drugs are two of the most commonly abused substances and both are very dangerous items that can destroy the health and wreck the lives not only of the addict, but also of those close to him or her.

Would You Benefit From Rehab?

Is anyone in your family addicted to alcohol or drugs? Do you wish to take him or her to a rehabilitation center? Here are step by step guide how choosing a right rehabilitation can help your loved with addiction.

What to do

It can be a gut-wrenching feeling to entertain the thought of your child succumbing to drug addiction. A lot of parents struggle to find the answer to what to do when your teen suffers from a drug addiction problem. If you think your teenager has a substance use disorder, here’s what you can do:

Confirm it

There’s nothing like being suspicious of the changes in your teen’s behavior or attitude to make you think they might be doing drugs. But before you jump to outlandish conclusions, make sure your feelings are based on the truth. You could look out for any of the physical or behavioral signs, or even ask them outright. If they refuse to tell the truth and you still have suspicions you might look in their room for any drug paraphernalia.

Know what addiction is

Many types of addictions can be caused by a lack of emotional strength, or an individual’s inability to deal or cope with a situation emotionally. While some people chase after the thrill of trying out something they never have before, some people seek out drugs as a way to get high. When you’re high, you forget your problems and you feel happier. That’s how most addicts think about it, anyway. Before they know it, there’s nothing more on their mind than getting the next fix.

Watch out for physical changes

Changes in your teen’s sleeping habits, loss of appetite, missing classes, getting in trouble at school or with the law, a change in their set of friends, and a marked decline of their grades can all be symptoms of an addiction problem.

Observe behavioral changes

Is your teen moodier, more irritated, more careless with grooming or personal appearance, is no longer interested in their old hobbies or interests, and keeps getting into conflicts with the rest of the family or other loved ones? These are some of the signs that your teen might be suffering from drug addiction.

Alcohol Treatment Center at Serenity

Understand the condition

Some people think stopping is all a matter of free will, but prolonged drug use actually alters the brain. Don’t make assumptions about your teen’s condition. Learn how to separate facts from fiction.

Get help

Addiction usually makes a person stop caring about the people and things that used to be important in their life. Help them start to care again by getting professional help from a good Malibu rehabilitation center. A rehabilitation center is a place where specialists treat people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. It is just like a residential place or a nursing home. Patients can stay there and get treatment in order to recover from their addictions. Most rehabilitation centers offer world class treatments by specialist doctors. Give them the tools they need to get back on their feet and recover by checking your teen into a facility. Recovery will teach them how to start caring about life again.

Benefits of a Malibu Recovery Center

The best way to treat a person addicted to alcoholism and drugs is to put him in a rehabilitation center. If you have the dedication to overcome the addiction, a good rehabilitation center will provide you all the required help to overcome it successfully. The main benefits of a rehabilitation center are provided below.

  1. Follow a Routine: All patients in the rehabilitation center need to follow a certain routine. That is one of the best qualities of a rehabilitation center. A well organized rehabilitation center plans the day-to-day activities of the patients so that they don’t get distracted by unwanted cravings or triggers.
  2. Group Counseling: The main aim of a rehabilitation center is to provide group counseling. When you are in a group, you tend to recover faster. A good rehabilitation center conducts regular meetings and counseling to make sure that the patient is recovering. It also strives to provide emotional support to patients making them feel everything will be alright so that they can recover from their addiction.
  3. 24 hour support: A rehabilitation center offers 24-hour support for patients. There will be regular staff and doctors to monitor each patient to make sure they don’t lose focus and start using drugs or alcohol during the rehabilitation process.
  4. Help in Overcoming Anxiety: Rehabilitation centers help people to overcome anxiety. Most drug addicts worry about what will happen to them after going through rehabilitation. They are anxious to know how their body will react when the intake of drugs or alcohol is stopped completely. Doctors and therapists will help the patient to overcome this fear and help the patient to recover quickly.

Each year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) conducts The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Its report is a comprehensive look at every facility in the United States that provides treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. It’s aim is to help people in getting the best drug rehab experience possible. The 2014 reports suggested there are more than 14,200 facilities in the U.S., with that number increasing each year.

SAMHSA also reports that 23.5 million people need treatment for substance abuse issues, and rehabs, sober living facilities, and other treatment centers are arising all over the place to try to meet this urgent need.  With so many options, it can seem overwhelming to figure which rehab center is going to give you a good quality experience and offer you the best support it can for your recovery.  While this is a very important decision you must make as an individual, here are some guidelines for figuring out what kind of rehab center will best support your recovery.

NIDA’s 13 Principles

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)  is a government-run research institute that has been on the cutting edge of using scientific knowledge and research to find the best ways to treat addiction. In 1999, after 20 years of research, the NIDA compiled a list of 13 best practices, or characteristics of an effective drug treatment program. Serenity Malibu has sought to put all 13 principles into practice in how it treats everyone who comes to it for care:

  1. No single treatment is appropriate for everyone. Treatment should recognize the unique of each individual, and the different needs and contexts must be taken into consideration.
  2. Readily available treatment – Since sobriety and recovery is such a huge step, there should be as few barriers as possible, so you can get the help you need conveniently.
  3. Addresses multiple needs – It’s not about discontinuing your use. Your physical health, emotional wellbeing, a network of support, and financial independence are all facets of your life that recovery should touch upon.
  4. Flexibility – People providing care should recognize that circumstances can change, and be ready to change their treatment in response. This means making regular assessments on how care is going, and being ready to change things when necessary.
  5. An adequate amount of time – Sometimes people feel rushed or pressured to get out of rehab and back in their normal life as soon as possible. Often, this makes them leave prematurely, unable to handle the triggers of their normal life.
  6. Counseling and therapy – Behavioral therapy, either in a group or one-on-one context,  is an essential to the wellbeing of anyone in recovery.  A trained therapist can help you get to the deeper roots, thoughts, and trauma that may be driving addictive behavior.  As well, therapy can help you develop the interpersonal skills needed to build up your own support network.
  7. Openness to medication – There are a wide variety of medications that can be used to help restore health, make withdrawal more manageable, and reduce cravings.
  8. Treating the mental health disorder as well – A lot of people struggle with what is called Dual Diagnosis, or dealing with a mental health issue and a substance use problem
  9. Detoxification is only the first stage – Discontinuing use is only the first stage of real sobriety. Your job is not done after the substances have left your system. That is only a precursor to when real recovery begins.
  10. Not necessarily voluntary – Research by the NIDA has suggested that there is a place for sanctioned and “forced” entry into rehab, whether by family members or by the court system.
  11. Continuous monitoring – Staff should be making sure that a patient stays committed to recovery, through testing.
  12. Assessment for infectious diseases – Providing care for AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and other diseases that can be precepted by drug use should be a part of care.
  13. A long term process – Don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time, a lot of work, or even needs multiple times to stick. It’s all part of the process, and so aftercare needs to be provided.

What Makes The Malibu Rehabilitation Center So Successful?

Serenity Noted as A Top Drug Rehab Center

When you are looking for a rehabilitation center in Malibu, it is important to focus on finding treatment options that are custom tailored to work in a way to help you recover from your disease. These treatment approaches also employ a wide variety of holistic healing methods. The methods are designed to help the body get as comfortable as possible through the withdrawal period, root out the source of the problem and help clients discover a solution to their problem with addiction.

Here are some factors that make the Malibu rehab center one of the most successful and praised rehab centers in the world:

One On One Treatment – At a rehab center, it is of the utmost importance that each client who is seeking to recover from a harmful addiction feels that they belong and are important. This will boost their self-esteem and confidence, improving their attitudes about their time at the center and increasing their possibility of achieving the best results. At a Malibu rehab center, the needs and progress of each individual client is taken into consideration each week.
All Inclusive And Highly Effective Treatment Plan – The National Institute on Drug Abuse decided there are thirteen basic addiction treatment principles that must be included in any rehab treatment program for optimum success in helping clients recover from addiction. At a rehabilitation center in Malibu, you or your loved one will be given the best of care and go through a treatment plan that includes all thirteen of these basic principles. The results will be highly beneficial and successful. Here are few things why Serenity Malibu will be your best choice.

SMART Recovery Model

Serenity Malibu uses treatment methods that have been shown through research and evidence to be effective. This includes the SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) Recovery, a self-empowering recovery program that, through therapist-facilitated support meetings, that walks you through a four-point program in which you will:

  1. Build and maintain the motivation to choose sobriety
  2. Cope with the urge to use
  3. Manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Live a balanced life.

SMART recovery emphasizes self-empowerment and helps give you concrete steps to live a satisfying life.

A Holistic Approach

Ultimately, recovery is about rebuilding and reclaiming your life from the harm and powerlessness of addiction, and learning how to care for yourself in all areas of life. This means that a full recovery should focus on and attend to all areas of your well-being, physical and emotional health, spiritual well being, mental health, economic freedom, and social support.

The treatment you receive at Serenity is geared towards meeting all of these needs, with a variety of programs that can benefit one or more of these areas.  Some of the options available to you include yoga, acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, surfing, tennis, hiking, art therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual therapy and more are woven into our program to help heal the mind, body and soul.

Top Staff

Serenity boasts a large, innovative, and highly trained staff that include some of the most notable  addiction care specialists available. You will receive high-quality and cutting-edge care from Serenity’s staff including:

  • Sheila Shilati – Who has worked in the recovery field for ten year, and has been on the cutting edge of service and holistic interventions to people with dual diagnosis. (suffering with both addiction and a mental illness)
  • Mark Stahlhuth – Who has had 34 years of experience conducting psychological assessments in inpatient settings.
  • Damon Raskin – A physician trained specifically in the detoxification process.
  • Ashley Benjamin – An experienced physician who gained most of his experience in the military, emphasizing an approach that uses the least amount of medication necessary to bring someone to real functioning.
  • Patrick Mitchell – A registered addiction specialist and life coach, and a person with personal experience in recovery. He will walk with you in the process, caring for you every step of the way.

Many other staff members offer a wide variety of specialties and perspectives, and have received awards and are noted as being some of the top people in their respective fields.

When it becomes apparent that a person needs help overcoming his or her addiction, it might be time to consider the options a Malibu rehabilitation center can offer. We offer the opportunity to create an individual treatment plan that will allow for your specific needs and progress. The goal of treatment is to utilize a plan designed to build a strong foundation after leaving the rehab center specifically designed to handle in a healthy way the temptations and pressures of life.


Serenity Malibu is a CARF-accredited dual-diagnosis, world class addiction treatment center for the treatment of a wide range of addictions including addiction to alcohol, opiates and cocaine as well as prescription drug abuse. For treating addiction, we use a blend of western medicine, physiotherapy and other activities for relaxation of the brain like surfing, games, hiking, and kayaking. Top class doctors, therapists, specialists, and clinicians at the Malibu Recovery Center work hard to ensure that you achieve long-term sobriety. Our Malibu recovery center is one of the best rehabilitation centers that helps treat people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

If you’re in the Malibu area, get in touch with us at the Serenity Malibu, for treatment options and programs to help your teen get to recovery.

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