Our Commitment To Client Satisfaction

At Serenity we believe addiction is a treatable disease, it arises due to brain circuit complex interactions, social, behavioral, hereditary, physical, or spiritual causes. We diagnose the root cause of the addiction, once we find it we can end it up with our chain of addiction recovery treatment. There are always some exceptions, but we are pretty sure if you do the work, follow our guidelines and help us in digging down the root cause of the addition we can easily end it up. No matter what addiction your loved one is suffering from, we guarantee we can achieve long term sobriety by following our unique addiction treatment plan, aftercare plan, and just come back to our facility center if you relapse within a year for free of cost treatment. Serenity is the only treatment center in Malibu that offers such a comprehensive service guarantee, world-class facility, beautify surroundings, and exclusive treatment for drug, depression, alcohol, and substance abuse.

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