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Common Attachment Issues that Affect Relationships

Many people who have had issues of trauma or other mental health problems may find it difficult to form healthy emotional attachments to others. They may be overly needy and become too close to people too quickly without defining boundaries. They can also be too distant and avoidant in a way that prevents them developing close bonds with others.

Attachment Issues in Relationships

Boundary Issues:

People with attachment problems often become too close to people too soon, especially those struggling with mental health issues like borderline personality disorder. They may imagine that there is an intense bond with someone they actually don’t know very well. They may fail to maintain appropriate boundaries with someone they have never had more than shallow engagement with.

Identifying with Strangers:

Someone with attachment problems may start to seek out strong attachments through people in their lives because they are starving for a strong emotional connection. They may put a person in a “parent” role and themselves as the “child” because they had issues of attachment in childhood. This can happen often with therapists as patients look to them for emotional fulfillment and parent-like care.

Avoidant Behavior:

People who had caregivers who were dismissive and uncaring can begin to behave the same way towards others when they become adults. They may avoid intimacy and close relationships because they feel uncomfortable expressing their needs or asking for help. They are often ambitious and successful and fear that depending on others will make them appear weak.

Imitating Others:

Others with attachment issues may lack self-confidence and end up trying to emulate or mimic people that they identify with. They don’t have a strong sense of self and can end up pursuing the lifestyle of others or trying to live the status quo.

Attachment issues can vary according to individual but these problems tend to prevent a person from developing and maintaining healthy relationships.


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