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Common Reasons for Struggling in Early Recovery

Quitting an addiction can be one of the most difficult transitions a person will ever make in their life. The first few months of recovery can be especially challenging and dangerous for the possibility of relapse. There are some important choices that they need to make and they will have to address and be aware of the reasons they are struggling.

Reasons for Struggling in Early Recovery

Some of the common issues that come up in early recovery are spending time around others who still use. If you are feeling tempted to use again because your friends still do then it is important to set boundaries with them and ask them to support you by not having alcohol around you. It is also a good time to start making more sober friends and spending time with people who motivate you to remain abstinent.

Another common reason people struggle in recovery is that they are dealing with difficult feelings that they don’t know how to handle such as anger, guilt and shame. Intense emotions can make you feel more inclined to use alcohol and drugs so it is important to learn how to manage these issues. Talking to other people about what you are feeling, especially your therapist can help you accept these feelings and still move forward with your recovery.

One issue that often comes up in early recovery is developing romantic relationships and dating. This is something that is usually discouraged in the first stages of recovery because it can be problematic for people and bring up lots of triggers. It might be a good idea to take a break from dating while you are going through your early recovery until you feel more stable.

People struggle in recovery for many different reasons but finding strategies to deal with problems and focusing on the goal of staying sober can help get you through any setbacks.

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