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Customized Addiction Treatment

When a person enters recovery, they need to have as many options as possible to help them get through the process of treatment. Every individual has unique needs as they are attempting to quit an addiction and having personalized care can be critical to their success. Rehab treatment centers that offer customized treatment programs are able to provide every patient with the tools they need to become sober.

Customized Addiction Treatment

Although addictions can be similar in some ways and many people experience shared feelings and situations, every story is unique. Not everyone responds to treatment the same way and people in rehab all have different types of addictions, related mental or physical health problems and personal histories that can impact their recovery. Treatment facilities that cater to a wide variety of problems and create custom treatment plans are typically more effective for patients.

From the outset of treatment it is important for a rehab facility to assess each patient and be aware of all the personal factors that could influence their recovery. A rehab center that creates a customized plan will look at every aspect of the patient’s well being and help them improve in different areas. Making a complete recovery relies on many factors, but a personalized plan can make it much easier to achieve.

Treating Different Types of Addictions

One of the reasons that a customized plan is so important is that many people attending rehab are dealing with different kinds of addiction. The recovery process will be much different for someone addicted to alcohol from someone who is addicted to cocaine. They each have unique withdrawal symptoms, different triggers and issues that they need to work on.

Someone with multiple addictions will also have specific problems in recovery that may be different from someone with just one addiction. They may need extra care and attention in order to become abstinent because they are going through more volatile cravings. They are also more likely to be vulnerable to relapse and will need to learn how to cope with their own triggers.

Every patient entering rehab will also have their own unique history with addiction. They may have been through rehab before or tried to quit on their own and relapsed. They may have been using drugs heavily for many years or were able to get help after only a few years of drug use.

The length of time a person has been abusing drugs, the level of their abuse and their own relationship with addiction are all things that require custom treatment. Addressing an addiction is never a one size fits all situation because each person has a different pattern of substance use.

Social Issues and Mental Health

In addition to a patient’s personal history with abuse they may also have their own unique health problems that may impact their recovery. It is very common for people with addictions to also suffer from a mental illness that is very closely connected to their substance abuse. Treating both problems and the way that they relate to one another is crucial for a full recovery.

Mental health issues that co-occur with addiction can range from problems like depression and anxiety to very severe disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Each type of mental illness will require a custom treatment plan so that the psychiatrists and counselors can work to reduce the patient’s symptoms. Patients need to be treated with a dual diagnosis program that adapts to their needs in recovery.

Even for someone that hasn’t been diagnosed with a mental illness, they may have many personal or social issues that still affect their recovery. They could have issues with their family life, problems with past trauma that they need to address or be dealing with toxic relationships that all influence their habits of addiction. Resolving these issues in therapy and incorporating them into treatment are still important in order to become successfully sober.

Every patient has unique emotional needs that need to be met because they may cope with recovery differently. Some may feel bored and restless, others might feel angry or resentful and some might feel isolated and depressed. Everyone reacts to their sobriety a certain way and having staff members that are attentive and able to help them on a personal level can be comforting and more effective for long term recovery.

People need personalized treatment plans because no two people are alike especially when it comes to addiction. The disease of addiction in itself is so complex and there are so many factors connected to it that a generic treatment plan is not the best option. Customized treatment gives patients a chance to address every specific issue that they need in order to stay sober.

If you or someone you love needs to recover from an addiction, contact a local rehab center that offers customized treatment.

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