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Different Kinds of Treatment Centers in Malibu

When it comes to rehabilitation, there are many different kinds of treatment centers in Malibu. You have to find the one that fits your own personal needs. Understanding the different types of treatment centers can help you choose the right one. There are residential treatment programs, therapeutic communities, intensive treatments, outpatient treatments and counseling programs.

Residential Treatments

Residential treatment is a place where patients live within a treatment facility for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days. There are a wide variety of different programs involved, and the facility typically has the feeling that the facility was built out of a home. Some are more of a short-term facility that often last between three and six weeks. The treatment in these types of facilities can range from therapeutic to intensive.

Therapeutic Communities

The long-term residential treatment centers in Malibu are often therapeutic communities. These institutions focus on the community of staff, residents and families working together throughout the treatment. There are often group therapy sessions as well as individual sessions. Patients learn to live without drugs or alcohol while gaining the necessary skills to reenter society.

Intensive Treatments

The short-term residential treatments tend to be intensive. These programs focus on the 12-step method. They have a short time to work with the patients, so they have to do what they can to give them the tools for success.

Outpatient Treatments

Outpatient treatment centers in Malibu lack the support of residential treatment. Patients attend classes designed to educate them about drugs, counsel them on underlying issues and focus on the exercise and diet necessary to succeed. Many of these outpatient programs work best as a second step after a residential treatment. Addiction is a hard thing to cope with, so patients need the proper support in order to overcome their addiction.

Counseling Programs

A counseling program is often synonymous with an alcoholics anonymous (AA) program, but it can also include individualized drug counseling. This is a great program for support, but again this type of treatment is best used after a residential treatment has been attended. Counseling helps addicts realize any co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, trauma or depression. A counseling program can be the difference between a successful sobriety and a relapse.

Getting the treatment that you need is possible with one of the many different treatment centers in Malibu. Some of the most successful treatments include a combination of some of the aforementioned treatments. Kick your addiction to the curb by attending treatment centers in Malibu that can give you the help, education, treatment and support that you need.

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