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Detoxification is the first and essential step of the rehabilitation process. Someone with a chemical dependency can only begin their rehabilitation by first eliminating the substance from their body by abstaining from their usual level of abuse.

If a person thinks he can quit the substance and can easily detox at home, then he is absolutely wrong as detoxification is a complex process requiring medical professionals to cope with the danger of withdrawal symptoms.

Serenity Malibu drug detox center offers a medically supervised detoxification method to safely get rid of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance from your body while reducing withdrawal symptoms in a secure, compassionate, and therapeutic environment that safeguards your health and prepares you further for successful addiction treatment.

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What Type of Detox Programs Do We Offer?

Serenity Malibu offers detox programs for wide range of drugs. The types of detoxes available can vary depending on the method used and the amount of time spent in the rehab center. We customize our program for individuals depending upon their level of abuse and physiology.

Natural Detox

For patients addicted to less severe drugs or with mild addictions, our natural detoxification process is the best way to simply go “cold turkey” but under medical supervision. In this type of detox, the patient experiences more withdrawal symptoms but they will be continuously supervised by our medical staff and will receive utmost support and comfort. Choosing natural drug detox center also usually means that you will be staying inpatient in our facility throughout the program and it can be completed within a few days to a week.

Medical Detox

For people with more serious addictions such as abuse of alcohol or opiates, it might be a better option to choose our medical detox process. In this program, our patients are provided with medication that can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making the process much easier. In the substitute of drugs, we provide a medication to eventually and slowly reduce the drug dose. This type of detox program lasts longer than natural detox; can last for even a month or more.

Detoxification process at Serenity detox treatment center:

The process of detoxification depends on the type of drug abused by the patient and varies from patient to patient.

Overall Health Assessment

At Serenity Malibu, the medically supervised detox process begins with a complete medical examination and tests of the patient by our physicians and nursing staff. Your detox plan, including the period for detox, monitoring manner, therapy suggestions, and any necessary drugs, will be based on the results of this evaluation.


Our medical and psychiatric staff provides 24*7 constant effective support and intensive care to each patient to make sure that they have everything they need to feel comfortable. This Medical monitoring ensures that no further complications arise from any of the withdrawal symptoms and each patient is properly hydrated, nourished, and getting adequate sleep.

Medication, Assistant, and Therapy

Through our detoxification process, we help patients flush out the chemicals and toxins from their bodies. To address withdrawal symptoms, we offer medication-assisted therapy which helps with discomfort, prevents hazardous symptoms, and reduces drug cravings. After completion of patient’s detox program, we recommend to join our rehab program to address some of the psychological aspects of their addiction that detox cannot eliminate.

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As a licensed detox treatment center, we are always prepared for any possible issues that could arise during detox. Our staff members provide an evaluation that can determine what medications and monitoring are needed to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Whether you or your loved one is addicted to alcohol, marijuana, heroin, meth, cocaine, drugs, or any other substance, our highly trained team will work with you one-on-one to ensure a safe and effective detox. Call us today on 866-694-3032

How to choose the right Detox Program?

Not all programs at a drug detox center are the same and it is important for someone with an addiction to take the time to find a situation that will make them feel comfortable and safe. The types of detoxes available can vary depending on the method used and the amount of time spent in the detox treatment center.

For patients addicted to less severe drugs or with mild addictions, they might choose natural detox as a way to simply go “cold turkey” but under medical supervision. The benefit of natural detox is that you can flush toxins from your body by using the drug of your choice right away.

Generally, one can complete the detox program within a few days to a week. Although natural detox may mean experiencing more withdrawal symptoms, the patients will be supervised by medical staff who will be there to support and keep each individual as comfortable as possible.

Choosing natural detox also usually means that you will be staying inpatient in a facility throughout the course of the program. It can be relatively easy for people to stay in a detox treatment center for natural detox since it may only last a few days or a week at most.

Choose Right Detox Program

Medical Detox with Substitute Medication

For people with more serious addictions such as abuse of alcohol or opiates, it might be a better option to choose medical detox. This type of detox program means that patients are provided with medication that can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms so that the process is much easier.

Heroin addiction or prescription opioid abuse can lead to some very painful withdrawal symptoms so in a lot of cases it is safer to use methadone or suboxone during detox to ease the patient off of drugs.

Medical detox essentially means that you are provided with a replacement medication as you wean yourself off of opiates and this type of program typically will take much longer than natural detox. This type of detox can last months for people who have been abusing opiates for a long time and need to slowly reduce their dose so that they can eventually be drug-free.

Because medical or medicated detox is a long-term program, most people complete this type of detox as an outpatient. Medical detox can continue while you go through rehab, stay at a sober living house or even live at home. Patients simply come in periodically to receive their medication and check in with doctors to evaluate their progress.

Is Home Detox Safe?

The person with an addiction may believe they don’t need to go to drug detox center because they have an addiction to a milder drug or they believe that their addiction is not very severe. Although detoxing at home is technically possible, it is not a very wise choice for a number of different reasons.

The main problem with detoxing at home is that is not very safe and the majority of the time it is not effective.

Effect of Drug Detox at Home

Although there may be at-home detox kits available, the truth is that most of the time they don’t work and in the worst case scenario it can lead to relapse and a deadly overdose.

Addicts that quit a drug for a short period of time may not be aware that they have significantly lowered their tolerance. If they end up using the drug again in the same dose that they were accustomed to then the addict will potentially overdose.

The problem with detox kits or attempting detox alone is that the person may not be aware of underlying mental health issues, medical problems or complications as they occur.

Someone who is not aware that they have a co-occurring disorder will not be able to receive the medication they need throughout detox to minimize symptoms of depression or anxiety which in some cases could lead to self-harm or even suicide.

If a medical problem comes up, someone detoxing at home does not have the training or education to recognize a complication and they could be in an unsafe situation without any help.

At Serenity Malibu detox treatment center, our staff members provide an evaluation that can determine what medications are needed and we are always prepared for any possible issues that could arise during detox.

What makes Serenity a great drug detox center?

When you or a loved one has recognized that addiction is a problem that must be addressed, choosing the best possible Malibu drug detox center can help in making better progress in gaining the skills needed to manage your addiction and avoid relapse. The Serenity Malibu detox treatment center is a world class facility that offers a personal touch to help you to reach your goals with specialized treatment programs that are not offered by most other Malibu detox facilities.

Luxury Accommodations Serenity Malibu

What Sets Serenity Malibu Apart

Our comprehensive treatment plan combines individual one on one assessment and treatment plan development with attention to the root causes, dual diagnosis when applicable and a holistic approach to addressing the issues that lie at the base of the problem.

We employ traditional treatment therapies along with alternative treatments in a luxury setting that includes a beautiful setting along with amenities that increase the comfort level of our clients. Proven treatment methods, which include family when applicable, and after-care treatment sets the foundation for a successful recovery journey for our clients.

Compassion and Professionalism

We are known for our compassionate and skilled care of clients as individuals. Group sessions allow for peer interaction and the formation of bonds while in treatment. Support and encouragement are given in addition to educating the client about the dynamics of addiction and how to develop new coping skills and learn new behaviors that will lead to long term sobriety.

Types of Clients at Serenity Malibu

People from all walks of life seek Malibu detox through Serenity. This level of individual care is not common, so it makes Serenity a popular choice among physicians, attorneys and other busy professional who seek help in treating their addictions. Strict confidentiality measures are taken to protect the privacy of all of our clients. For confidential help in treating your addiction, call us today.

Improving Mental Health after Detox at Serenity

Patients who admitted to Serenity’s drug detox center and completed a detox program are better prepared to handle the process of rehab because they are healthier and physically ready to work on their recovery. Treatment can take months for most people and a quick fix is never the right answer for a problem as serious as drug addiction.

Our professional program will offer each patient the opportunity to work on the many psychological factors that could have been the cause of their substance abuse. Physical dependency is an important part of addiction but for most addicts, their mental health is what keeps them coming back to drugs as a solution for their problems.

Most people use drugs as a way of self-medicating when they are not able to rid themselves of difficult emotions. The problem with drug use is that it usually intensifies these issues by causing mood swings and more severe ups and downs that can wreak havoc on a person’s mental health.

That is why attending therapy sessions throughout at Serenity Rehab Center is an important part of the process. Our therapists have enough experience and knowledge to understand the cause of certain feelings and they can provide meaningful insight and advice to their patients.

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At our drug detox treatment center we offer group therapy which can be a very healing experience for most people after completing detox. They can communicate with other people, tell their own personal stories and connect with others who have been through the same issues in their lives.

Each part of recovery is essential to a full treatment program and without detox, patients would not have the foundation they need to be healthy and sober.

Getting through detox may be challenging for most people but once it is over they will feel better, stronger, and healthier. Ridding the body of dangerous chemicals allows it a chance to heal and repair itself from some of the damage caused by addiction.

At Serenity Malibu drug detox center we help people to feel a little more freedom from the prison that their addiction has become. It may only be the first step in recovery, but detox is crucial for every person that wants to finally end their substance abuse.

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