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Finding the right drug rehab center for your young adults

There are many rehab centers out there for drug addiction treatment in Malibu, there is one out there that’s right for you. Understanding that there are many approaches in treatment is important, but you will need to find an option that you are comfortable with. That’s where Serenity Malibu comes in; we specialize in individualized treatments which will allow you to formulate a process of recovery most conducive to you. Below we discuss a few tips about finding one that can help you.

Choose Drug Rehab Center

Don’t Just Read the Reviews

It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much weight a review carries. When it comes to treatment, it is highly suggested you speak with the professionals at the treatment center in order to get a better feel for the program. Reading reviews should be part of the due diligence put into looking for the right treatment center. Look online and see what other people are saying; but you should also consider speaking with the staff as well in order to get the full picture.

Ask about Treatment Options

Every rehab facility has a different specialty and roster of therapeutic offerings. Some focus primarily on holistic healing, emphasizing therapeutic activities and psychotherapy, whereas others put their chemical detox program upfront with therapeutics in the background. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. Overall, our philosophy is a holistic one that incorporates all of these elements with the main emphasis on being able to break the cycle of addiction and replace it with healthy behavior. By offering a combination of medical and psychological treatment along with process groups to help you beat your addiction we can help you learn how to live life on life’s terms.

Growth and Development

Treatment is a place where you are given the tools with which to battle the addiction which was your solution. In place of using as a coping mechanism, you are given the proper tools to handle triggers which once would send your life spiraling out of control. This will take some major changes to how you live life on a daily basis. How you decide to keep living a healthy, sober life is something that needs to be addressed when treatment has been completed.

What you can expect from rehab center

When you are struggling to find answers and you cannot break the cycle of addiction on your own, there are treatment programs available. Finding a Malibu treatment center that fits your needs, might be a little difficult, but by no means is it impossible.

That’s why It is important to know what steps need to be taken in order to help facilitate the proper treatment for the issues of addiction you are struggling with. After all, knowledge is power. Here are some things you can expect to experience at Serenity Malibu.

Immediate Attention

When a patient checks in, intake procedures begin immediately and this includes both a medical exam as well as the start to a unique course of treatment. If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s that each client will receive the right type of attention. It is important to understand that while there are similarities in successful treatment, each client has a different way in which they relate to the program.

An Individualized Therapy Regimen

Once the client’s needs are assessed properly, the treatment approach varies directly based on your addiction, medical condition and psychological state. We combine a number of treatment options that range from therapeutic to assistance with physical detox. Since every client is different and we treat diverse types of addiction and alcoholism, this means that there are many different approaches taken with the same ultimate goal, to break the cycle of dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Physical Activity

It has been found that when physical exercise is introduced into the daily routine in treatment that the benefits are astounding. We implement exercise and fresh air activities such as: surfing, swimming, and kayaking. Complementing the physical activity is individualized therapy sessions and other types of services that promote physical wellness, such as acupuncture and massage. We take a full body approach to recovery and wellness to help clients make physical, mental and spiritual breakthroughs.

Relapse Prevention

We place a high level of importance in providing each client the opportunity to understand what a relapse is. It is a major point for us to discuss openly that the disease of addiction is not one that will go away forever. It is important to learn healthy coping mechanisms which help deal with triggers. By dealing with these triggers you learn ways in which you can properly handle life on life’s terms and continue to lead a life without addiction.

While you may be nervous about taking the step of checking into rehab, the intake is quick, painless and effective. Rest assured that there are answers to the issues that addiction and alcoholism present. It takes the willingness to change and the courage to ask for help to facilitate the changes necessary to break free from addiction.

Entering the Serenity Recovery center will be your best decision

At Serenity Malibu, our goal is to provide a luxury drug rehab facility for our clients that will allow them to have the natural environment and the professional services to learn about addiction and how to lead an addiction free life. Entering the Malibu Recovery Center at Serenity Malibu is a decision that can have a dramatic and positive impact in a person’s sobriety.

Our Malibu treatment center is very different from many rehab locations. We have a beautiful location in the lower levels of Kanan Dume Canyon and from our facility you can walk to the Pacific Ocean. We provide a full array of activities from tennis to kayaking and hiking as well as our highly recognized and regarded therapy and holistic treatment plans.


Your first contact with our recovery center will be with the admissions department. You, or a loved one, will speak directly to one of our trained admissions counselors. These professionals will prepare your admission paperwork and also answer any questions you may have about the program or the facility.

We will also review all aspects of our program so you have a complete understanding of what you will experience. We understand that this is a very big step in your life. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable in taking this step and in understanding we will be here with you along the journey to recovery.

At the same time, the admissions counselor will also talk to you about financial issues and insurance. We will also work with you to ensure you can arrive at the facility when a space is available.


Your admissions counselor will be there for your arrival, so you will have a person you know to greet you. At this time, we will introduce you to a client advocate who will work with you throughout your stay. Your client advocate is your support person while you are in the recovery center.

You will have a tour of the facility and get to see a bit of what you can expect. We will ensure you are comfortable in your room and that you have all the amenities of home. Next, you will go for a full medical examination to begin your detox. Depending on these results you may be given specific medications to assist in reducing the symptoms experienced during detox.

As soon as possible you will start participating in individual and group therapy as well as holistic activities. These are designed to help you to gain confidence and regain your health. With nutritious and delicious meals prepared by our executive chefs, you will feel at home our Malibu facility in just a very short time.

When surveyed, 95% of the people who have undergone treatment at Serenity said they would recommend the experience to a friend or family member.  While there are many aspects of the Serenity experience that set it apart, ultimately the treatment you receive, and the resources at your disposal to really make it stick are ultimately what matters.

SMART Recovery Model

Serenity Malibu uses treatment methods that have been shown through research and evidence to be effective. This includes the SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) Recovery, a self-empowering recovery program that, through therapist-facilitated support meetings, that walks you through a four-point program in which you will:

  1. Build and maintain the motivation to choose sobriety
  2. Cope with the urge to use
  3. Manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Live a balanced life.

SMART recovery emphasizes self-empowerment and helps give you concrete steps to live a satisfying life.

A Holistic Approach

Ultimately, recovery is about rebuilding and reclaiming your life from the harm and powerlessness of addiction, and learning how to care for yourself in all areas of life. This means that a full recovery should focus on and attend to all areas of your well-being, physical and emotional health, spiritual well being, mental health, economic freedom, and  social support.

The treatment you receive at Serenity is geared towards meeting all of these needs, with a variety of programs that can benefit one or more of these areas.  Some of the options available to you include yoga, acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, surfing, tennis, hiking, art therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual therapy and more are woven into our program to help heal the mind, body and soul.

Top Staff

Serenity boasts a large, innovative, and highly trained staff that include some of the most notable  addiction care specialists available. You will receive high-quality and cutting-edge care from Serenity’s staff including:

  • Sheila Shilati – Who has worked in the recovery field for ten year, and has been on the cutting edge of service and holistic interventions to people with dual diagnosis. (suffering with both addiction and a mental illness)
  • Mark Stahlhuth – Who has had 34 years of experience conducting psychological assessments in inpatient settings.
  • Damon Raskin – A physician trained specifically in the detoxification process.
  • Ashley Benjamin – An experienced physician who gained most of his experience in the military, emphasizing an approach that uses the least amount of medication necessary to bring someone to real functioning.
  • Patrick Mitchell – A registered addiction specialist and life coach, and a person with personal experience in recovery. He will walk with you in the process, caring for you every step of the way.

Many other staff members offer a wide variety of specialties and perspectives, and have received awards and are noted as being some of the top people in their respective fields.

One reason why people with addictions are hesitant to enter into rehab programs is the stigma and the portrayal of these facilities. If you see rehab centers on television or in the movies, they are often very clinical settings that are cold, isolated and very impersonal. We provide an impressive quality of life at our Malibu addiction treatment facility

It is important to realize that this is the case for some Malibu addiction treatment facilities, but it is not the case with Serenity Malibu. As a holistic treatment facility for those with addictions, our goal was and continues to be to develop a beautiful oasis that helps to heal the spirit, body and the mind.

By making our Malibu addiction treatment a truly beautiful and relaxing location, we create an atmosphere of healing and health. It is impossible to be surrounded by the natural landscaping and the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and not feel motivated and inspired to achieve your dreams and goals of sobriety. We try to incorporate outdoor activities into our treatment programs, which is all part of the holistic approach.

The Amenities

You will experience more than just an amazing campus and living area when you arrive at our facility. You will find yourself surrounded by people who truly care about your well-being.

serenity-malibu-rehab-logoWe provide a wide range of different therapeutic experiences for our clients. These are all designed to provide you with new and familiar experiences that will assist you in regaining your self-confidence and your natural skills and talents that may have been pushed to the side because of addiction.

Some of the special therapeutic options we offer include acupuncture, cooking therapy, art therapy and fitness therapy. You will also enjoy our equine therapy, family therapy and music therapy, all perfect for connecting two different parts of your life now and in the future.

Throughout your stay you will be able to walk along the Pacific Ocean, swim in our beautifully landscaped pool and enjoy kayaking or surfing. We also offer tennis courts, yoga lessons and massage therapies as a way to add to the holistic healing component of our treatment.

At Serenity Malibu, you will quickly feel like a member of our community. There is always staff available to answer questions or to provide you with compassionate support when you need it. Our experienced staff is always here to help and we offer a full range of services to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

Get a Consultation for Treatment, Talk to Experts on Addiction Now

The Malibu Recovery Center is here to help anyone in need of addiction treatment so they can make a successful recovery. We have counselors available at all times to discuss the addiction issues faced by you or your loved ones and we can answer any questions you might have about treatment.

You can get a free, no obligation and confidential talk with one of our counselors about your addiction issues by calling us at 866-694-2742. We can discuss our program and tell you how Malibu Recovery Center staff and doctors can help to resolve you or your loved one’s addiction issues. Contact us today to get the help you need.

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