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People who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and mental illnesses are called dual diagnosis, and they need immediate help from a trusted dual diagnosis treatment center like Serenity Malibu. We have a team of expert physicians, clinical professionals, doctors, support staff, etc. who collaborate to deliver patient-focused, unified treatments ranging from comprehensive therapy to social skill training systematically.

Our dual diagnosis treatment programs allow you to receive mental health and substance therapy at the same time. We assist each patient in regaining mental health control and recovering from substance abuse. Our goal is to offer you attentive, tailored, and holistic care that addresses all your concerns.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

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Dual diagnosis is a condition in which a patient suffers from both mental health issues and drug or alcohol addiction. Substance abuse and mental disorders are often interrelated to each other.

A survey from the National Association of Mental Illness reveals that 37 percent of people with alcoholism and 53 percent of those with a drug addiction also have a serious mental illness.

A person suffering from any mental disorder like depression or anxiety leans towards drugs or alcohol to pause their sufferings; not knowing that it only worsens the condition. Similarly, a person addicted to any type of substance suffers from a mental condition due to the side effects of substance abuse.

Sometimes people with unwanted negative emotions or thoughts self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to temporarily make life easier. Other people may find that their substance abuse aggravates or interacts negatively with their brain chemistry to bring on depression, bipolar disorder, or another mental health challenge. Whichever one can be said to have “caused” the other, it is often the case that, for many people, a struggle with their mental health is intimately connected.

Substance abuse and mental disorders grow side by side, which makes treatment more tedious. At Serenity treatment center for dual diagnosis, we understand the severity of this disorder. Thus, we aim to provide you with the most appropriate and well-structured treatment plan to ensure lifelong recovery.

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Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Procedure:

Addiction itself is a mental health challenge, as it is rooted in a brain that has acquired an overpowering obsession for a drug, that goes beyond normal human needs and wants. Furthermore, a lot of drugs affect brain chemistry in ways that can be pathological. Marijuana can increase paranoia and anxiety, alcohol is a depressant, and stimulants can create a sense of mania.

At Serenity Malibu, we offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for dual diagnosis depending on your requirements and personal circumstances.

  • Personal Assessment: After entering Serenity’s dual diagnosis treatment center, you will first receive a medical assessment that will determine the severity of your addiction as well as the specific symptoms of your mental illness. This assessment and evaluation will allow our professional team to come up with a customized treatment plan that will provide the best results for your recovery.
  • Monitoring: Your physical healing is looked after with a full medical examination as soon as you check in. Certified physicians will continue to monitor your detoxing and health throughout your stay.
  • Therapy and Treatment: To help patients recuperate, our diverse team of licensed experts frequently engages with them. Our professionals assist the patients in managing their mental illness while also treating their drug addiction problems.
Our Procedure for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Serenity’s Treatment center for dual diagnosis start separating an addicted person from their active substance abuse and then treating difficulties that remain. It is imperative that the addiction treatment, physical healing, and psychological examination not be separated from each other. These conditions all come together, and are related to each other, and need to be part of a thoughtful, personalized, holistic treatment that meets all of your needs.

Our dual diagnosis treatment consists of many programs to help patients work on their health and experience the healing power of exercise and physical activity. You will receive relapse prevention training or cognitive-behavioral-focused therapy every week, dealing very concretely with how you can maintain your sobriety and continue in your recovery. Through regular meetings with both a therapist and a peer support group, you can learn how to rebuild your life.

Which type of treatment or activity does Serenity offer for their patient?

Serenity treatment center for dual diagnosis offers a wide range of activities to help patients deal with deeper mental health issues and trauma, facing whatever comes up and learning how to start a path to healing and dealing with these challenges directly.

  • Medical drug detox
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Education on mental health and drug addiction
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy (facilitated meeting with family)
  • 12-step support group
  • Dialectical behavior therapy for gaining life skills
  • EMDR for treating traumatic experiences
  • Neurofeedback to combat anxiety
  • Dream analysis
  • Music therapy
  • Fitness therapy
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Cooking and nutrition workshops
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Beach and water activities
  • Art and craft or creative writing

Comprehensive and Inclusive Treatment for Co-occurring Disorder

Patients with a dual diagnosis will benefit the most from Serenity Malibu Rehab treatment programs that include group and family therapy as well as counseling and education. Someone with a co-occurring disorder needs to understand as much as possible about their own mental illness which may be a new idea to them. They may have lived for years with the symptoms but never understood that they had a specific disorder.

It will take time and patience to learn how to cope with a mental illness while you are in addiction recovery. Group therapy at our dual diagnosis treatment center can be an especially helpful way to understand more about how your mental illness has affected you by hearing other people’s stories. If they have the same disorder you might relate to their experiences and begin to get a better idea of the bigger picture of having a mental illness.

Family therapy is especially important because every close member of your family also needs to learn about and understand your illness as well as your addiction. They need to know how to handle your symptoms and provide support throughout your recovery. When the family becomes more educated it tends to help the individual to continue their success as they return back home.

People who have been given a dual diagnosis need lots of regular sessions of psychotherapy to address both their addiction and the treatment for their mental illness. Therapists who have extensive experience in treating people with a co-occurring disorder will understand how to support each patient in recovery. Therapy can be a transformative experience that makes it possible for people to move on from many of the difficulties that have plagued them for years.

What makes Serenity Malibu Treatment Center unique for dual diagnosis patients?

“Inpatient care at Serenity Malibu provides luxury comforts to people needing medical care with a well-trained staff that cares for everything they need and want.

Your physical healing is looked after with a full medical examination as soon as you check-in. Board-certified physicians will continue to monitor your detoxing and health throughout your stay. In addition, there are many programs to help work on your health and experience the healing power of exercise and physical activity.

There are several options available to you at Serenity Malibu dual diagnosis treatment center, including acupuncture, cooking and nutrition workshops, fitness therapy, beach and water activities, massages, and yoga.

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Developing new strategies for coping with life that doesn’t involve substance abuse, and discussing and working through the challenges of sobriety is a high priority. Weekly, you will receive relapse prevention training, or cognitive-behavioral-focused therapy dealing very concretely with how you can maintain your sobriety and continue in your recovery. Through regular meetings with both a therapist and a peer support group, you can learn how to rebuild your life.

These are just a few of the possibilities that can start you on the path to full recovery. It is not easy, but it is not something you have to face alone.

If you feel like you or someone you care about is drowning in a sea of both addiction and a mental illness, know that they are not alone. Serenity Malibu dual diagnosis treatment center offers luxury inpatient care with a well-trained and innovative staff that meets every part of your needs and cares for your recovery journey.

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