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How Environment Influences Addiction Behavior

There are many aspects of addiction that come from internal sources such as genetic predisposition, mental health problems and personal outlook. However, an individual’s environment can also play a big role in their relationship with substance abuse. Someone’s tendency to engage in addictive behavior can be a complex combination of internal and external factors.

Environment Influences Addiction Behavior

The environment that someone grows up in can shape their attitude about drugs and alcohol either through family members, friends or cultural influence. If they are raised in a culture where drinking is an everyday occurrence then they may not second guess their alcohol cosumption habits. If their friends and family members turn to substance abuse as a way to relieve stress then they are more likely to do the same by example.

The workplace, school and daily stress levels may also impact a person’s relationship with addiction. Those who work in a high stress environment may be more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol especially if their coworkers tend to cope with job stress using substances. Colleges that have frequent parties and have a culture of substance abuse can influence students to develop those habits and continue them long after they graduate.

Environment May Be Causing To Substance Abuse

For people that are in recovery, it is important for them to consider how their environment may be causing them to continue their substance abuse. Are they around too many friends, coworkers, family members or others who influence them to use drugs? Is work, school or bad relationships causing too much stress and leading to addictive behavior?

External causes of addiction need to be altered as much as possible in order for someone in recovery to stay sober. Being in a positive and healthy environment is the most beneficial way to adjust to sobriety without too much temptation and influence from outside sources.

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