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Feeling Isolated in New Sobriety

Quitting an addiction leads to plenty of different obstacles that someone in recovery will have to face. Not only will they have to deal with physical and emotional issues related to addiction but they will have to adjust to a completely different lifestyle which may change how they interact with others. Their friends and the people around them may change dramatically because they are creating brand new habits that reflect their healthier choices.

Feeling Isolated in New Sobriety

A newly sober person may start to feel more isolated as they find it harder to spend time with their old friends or social circle that still drinks or uses drugs. They may start to feel different or alienated from people that they used to consider very close friends. Part of their recovery might require them to distance themselves from people who still excessively abuse substances and are not supportive of their decision to be sober.

In order to avoid feeling isolated in new sobriety it is important for people in recovery to make lots of new connections. Meeting other people who are sober, joining a support group for recovery and developing friendships with others in a treatment program can all be helpful in improving mental and emotional health. Everyone in a recovery program needs to feel supported and have a social network of people who are going through many of the same things.

Feeling isolated in recovery unfortunately can increase the risk for relapse especially for those who are still in the early phases. Taking steps to avoid isolation is not only beneficial more mental health but it also makes it much easier to stay focused on sobriety and avoid feelings of boredom and loneliness which can lead to substance abuse cravings. For those in recovery, make sure to join sober groups and communities that can keep you connected to others.

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