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Food, Diet, Nutrition And Recovery

You are what you eat” is a common saying. If it is valid for the so-called normal population (those not in recovery), it should certainly be applicable to those who are in recovery. For someone at a Malibu recovery center, realizing that a change in diet may help them on the way to their recovery can be an eye-opener. It has been found that there is a deep connection between food and quality of life. Food, diet, nutrition and recovery play an important part in sobriety.
Food, Diet, Nutrition And Recovery

Connecting Food and Your Life

According to many professionals, food is not an external but an internal issue. A Malibu recovery center offering a holistic approach will include workshops in and advice on diet and your food choices. This stands to reason. After all, research has shown what you eat can affect you and your body in so many ways including your

  • Energy levels
  • Thinking
  • Moods
  • Actions
  • Immune system ability
  • Body functions

Research into alcoholism clearly illustrates the connection between diet and the lack of two essential amino acids: tyrosine and tryptophan. Both are involved in your body’s ability to produce neurological compounds such dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. The lack of these compounds can negatively affect your mood and result in depression.

At a Malibu recovery center, the focus is on providing you with the best information and guidance possible in this area. It is very important that you consult both a professional nutritionist and a physician. By talking to you about your diet as well as testing your blood for enzymes and mineral amounts, you can obtain some understanding of in what areas your body needs to improve its nutrient content. Your doctor can check your cortisone levels as well as how well your adrenals and thyroid are functioning.

You, Your Addiction and Your Diet

What to eat is a complex issue and certainly is not something that can be mandated across the board without careful consultation of what you need in particular. While in a holistic program offered at a Malibu recovery center, you need not only look at what you eat, but also how you eat. Eating is not simply feeding the body. It is a mindful action. As such, you need to become a conscious and exercise mindful eating.

Yet, it is important that you watch what you eat. This is not applicable to quantity. It is to be understood that some foods are better for you than others are. Talk to a nutritionist about the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables over prepared food. You may also want to look at the so-called superfoods e.g. goji berries, chia, acai berries and coconut.

It is also important to keep your body hydrated. This is something most people, let alone addicts, forget. Water and smoothies are created to fill this bill. While caffeine and tea may be part of your diet and a social thing, it may be best for you to get rid of these form of stimulants altogether.

Before you make any decision on your diet for your stay in a facility or as part of your aftercare, talk to those who know. Consult your doctor and work with a nutritionist. Together, you can find the right type of diet that will help you recover and move on both in and out of any Malibu recovery center.

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