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A Holistic Approach To Malibu Addiction Treatment

Many people who are struggling with addictions have a misunderstanding about the options available through the best treatment facilities. Our Malibu addiction treatment programs are not the same as you see depicted in the movies or on some television show. Instead, you will experience a truly caring, compassionate and positive experience to help you on your journey to addiction recovery.


One of the most important ways Serenity Malibu differs from other treatment programs is that we focus on you as an individual. You are not an addict; you are a person with a medical issue which can be treated and managed. And, just like a medical issue, there is more to treatment than just addressing the symptoms.

The Whole Person Approach

Our Malibu addiction treatment programs are designed to treat the whole person. Our medical teams and professionals are here to work with your physical health, addressing concerns with detoxification in your first few days to weeks at the facility, and also addressing any concurrent physical health issues.

To help with your thoughts and beliefs around addiction and coping, we offer counselors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists to work with you one-on-one. We understand if the cause of the addiction is not treated, true recovery is not possible.

Expression of Self

We provide a range of different therapeutic options to help our clients express their thoughts, challenges and ideas through art, music, acting, meditation, dream therapy and creative writing. Our staff understands everyone has a unique way to express themselves, so we provide a host of opportunities for you to find one comfortable and meaningful to you.

New Skills and Strategies

At our Malibu addiction treatment facility, you will be encouraged to learn new skills, healthy lifestyle choices and more effective coping mechanisms. We provide opportunities for you to try things you may have only dreamed of before such as surfing, kayaking, horseback riding and even getting in touch with your body through yoga and fitness training. Another very popular therapy we offer is Cranioacral Therapy, an ideal way to learn to listen to your body and to naturally reduce stress and anxiety.

To help you with choosing foods to enhance your mood and help to boost your energy we have nutritional counselors on staff. We also have staff trained in neuro-feedback and shamanic healing, very different but highly effective approaches to tuning into your body in a holistic way.

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