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How Self-Love Can Change Your Mental Health

For people that struggle with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses, they often have issues with self-esteem that greatly affect their lives. In fact, most people might not realize how many self-deprecating things they might think about themselves on a daily basis. Everyone can benefit from practicing self-love and learning how to be compassionate toward themselves.

Self-Love Can Change Your Mental Health

We are often confronted with many unrealistic expectations of what we should look like or what our lives should be like through television, movies and even social media. People with depression and anxiety especially may have a constant feeling that they are not good enough and place high standards on themselves. It may feel natural for them to think they are unworthy and believe that they aren’t deserving of love and happiness.

Self-love can help change many of these ideas because the individual can start to see positive things in themselves and accept their true self. When someone practices self-love they can start to become more mindful of the things they say or think about themselves. They can develop and grow their compassion for themselves and others.

When someone is able to love themselves they can acknowledge and accept when they are struggling. They won’t constantly feel the need to be perfect or deny their feelings or what they need. Self-love helps you become more in tune with your inner voice so you can learn to listen to what you truly desire.

The process of self-love can take time but counselors and peers can be helpful in building up your confidence. Challenging negative beliefs and replacing them with positive thinking can be a long journey but it will help build up a more stable and healthy identity. Self-love is something to focus on as a person works toward recovering from their mental health issues.


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