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Is There a Normal Amount of Stress?

Is There a Normal Amount of Stress?

Everyone experiences stress in their daily lives but too much repeated stress can cause physical and mental health problems. People with too much stress can start to develop symptoms of anxiety and other issues that interfere with their functioning. In our hectic modern lives, keeping stress levels down is a crucial skill that is essential to good health.

However, a certain amount of stress is also necessary to keep us engaged in the world and stimulated enough to feel happy. Our bodies need a little stress so that our nervous system is functioning and the body is using stored energy. The right amount of stress can be difficult to balance as many people become overwhelmed with stressors very easily.

There are good kinds of stress that our bodies need to experience from time to time situations that we feel we can control. Challenge stress such as exercising, performing tasks at work or other situations that we know will turn out okay can be good for our health. On the other hand, stress that causes us to lose sleep or makes our heart rate increase is “threat” stress that can be harmful to our health.

Every individual may have a unique balance of stress levels that is optimal to their health. Some people may be predisposed to react to certain challenges in a way that affects their stress levels differently. In that sense, the amount of stress that one individual can handle varies greatly from person to person.

A normal amount of stress can be different for everyone but certain strategies can be used to reduce stress and interpret situations in a new way so that they feel less like threats. Some people can learn to change their responses to stressors and minimize the negative stress they experience in their life.

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