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Did Leah Messer’s Leave Teen Mom 2 Because of Addiction?

Reality shows have dramatically grown in popularity in the last decade. From Keeping Up With The Kardashians to the Real Housewives series media stars have been created from the cast of reality television shows.

It seems like nowadays pretty much everyone can be a star, and one of the more popular recent reality shows has been MTV’s Teen Mom 2, with one of the stars being teen mom Leah Messer. She is one of the reality stars of Teen Mom 2 who has made headlines because of the reasons why she is leaving the show.

However, it should also be remembered that real people inhabit the reality shows, and it sounds like Leah has many different issues that she’s currently struggling with.

In Love And In Trouble

The reality show Teen Mom 2 is a popular MTV show that started from another television reality show called 16 And Pregnant, which followed the lives of a group of teen girls who were also pregnant. The drama and somewhat salacious subject matter of the television show quickly became popular subject matter for gossip websites and tabloids.

The show’s “storyline” chronicled the girls‘ troubles with romantic relationships, raising their children, and what it’s like to be a young mother. The four girls who starred in the show were Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Marroquin, and Leah Messer. The drama going on in their lives is all over the internet and often involves cheating scandals.

Is Leah Messer Leaving?

Recently there were rumors of one of the young mothers Leah Messer leaving the show because of problems with addiction. The controversy stems from a scene on the television show where Leah turns to prescription pills to deal with the stress of being a young mother and her relationship with the children’s father.

This caused a lot of speculation about whether she was addicted, and eventually to rumors that she was leaving the television show because she didn’t want to be the center of controversy anymore. Leah supposedly started taking prescription drugs years earlier, and there have been several controversial scenes on the show that depict Leah abusing prescription pills.
However, her grandmother has denied that Leah has any problems with substance abuse.

Addiction Used To Cope With Stress

Leah Messer’s daughter has been diagnosed with a type of muscular dystrophy, and that has reportedly contributed to her dependency on prescription pills. The stress of being a young mother, being under intense public scrutiny, and struggling with addiction may have been too much for Calvert, who is reportedly leaving the show.

Addiction is often the reason why addicts become dependent on drugs. When life seems unbearably painful and stressful with no resolution or relief in sight, addiction sometimes seems like the only way to find relief. While Leah Messer’s grandmother has denied Leah has a dependency on prescription pills, it also sounds like they blame MTV for putting such a personal issue on public display to be dissected.

If that’s true, then it’s probably for the better that Leah Calvert leaves the show to work on being sober and being a responsible mother to her children.

Besides those issues, it sounds like Leah has a slew of other issues that she has to deal with, such as reports of her husband cheating on her, a tax lien, and other problems with money. This seems like a lot for such a young person to take on.

By stepping away from the spotlight, it will be easier for Leah to focus on resolving her issues without the public constantly scrutinizing her every move. And more importantly, she is raising children, and she needs to focus on providing them with a safe and stable environment.

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