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What a Luxury Rehab is Really Like

Looking for Luxury Rehab? People dealing with addiction come from all walks of life and have different needs and preferences when it comes to treatment. Those who are used to a certain lifestyle might not feel comfortable in a clinical type of setting. Luxury rehab is made for people who want high-end amenities so that they won’t feel deprived or depressed in the wrong atmosphere.

Luxury Rehab

Going to luxury drug rehab means having extra comforts and excellent service in the same way you might if you were staying in an expensive hotel. People in luxury rehab are able to experience a more resort-like setting for the duration of their treatment rather than the feeling of living in a hospital or clinic as they recover. A luxury setting can have very different options than a more general rehab center in terms of activities, food and therapy.

An inpatient program at a luxury rehab can have very effective types of individual and group therapy but they also have more of a vacation atmosphere which may be preferable for some people. The luxury inpatient program is meant to act as a kind of retreat where people are able to get away from the stress of their lives and take time out to focus on quitting their addiction. People who choose luxury rehab often lead upper class lifestyles that they don’t want to leave behind in order to get treatment.

One thing that people often prefer about luxury rehab centers is that they are usually located in beautiful and serene settings that are somewhat isolated such as the beach, mountains or desert . This gives people a sense of being away from stress and spending some therapeutic time in nature. It also provides a feeling of privacy for people who want to remain anonymous throughout their treatment.

Luxury Amenities

What sets apart luxury rehabs in Malibu from other types of treatment and typically make it more expensive are the amenities. Luxury facilities often have private hotel-style rooms with comfortable beds, personal bathrooms and sometimes even room service. Many non-luxury rehab centers require people to share rooms and bathrooms with others in the treatment program.

Luxury rehabs often have much better meals than what is offered in a typical rehab which may not be the best quality. Food in luxury rehab is usually gourmet quality and prepared by skilled chefs to provide the best nutrition and cater to each patient’s specific dietary needs. In some programs patients can even order room service as they would in a resort setting.

Most rehabs offer some type of exercise such as a gym or fitness center, but luxury rehab can have more elaborate options such as tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and some may even offer a golf course. Patients can stay active with various sports and because of the remote location of these rehabs there may also be scenic hiking trails nearby. High end rehab centers may also offer fitness classes such as yoga, pilates or spinning.

Luxury rehabs may also offer alternative types of therapeutic options such as acupuncture, reiki (energy clearance), and meditation. These types of therapies may not be available at more general rehab centers and they can be a helpful addition in terms of providing healing and relaxation for patients. Some rehabs can offer unusual types of treatment such as equine therapy, allowing them to work with and care for a horse during their stay.

Treatment Options at Luxury Rehab

While they may be known for their amenities, luxury rehabs also tend to offer highly credentialed and respected psychologists and counselors who can provide the best type of care. Individual therapy is an important part of any rehab experience and luxury facilities tend to have the best and most experienced therapists that can inspire and motivate patients. One on one counseling sessions with patients can be where most of the work in rehab is done no matter what type of facility it is.

Group therapy is also a crucial element in rehab no matter what type of facility you are staying in. People in luxury rehab can have the benefit of knowing that they will be in group therapy with others who might have similar experiences and similar lifestyles. Although everyone in rehab has a different story, specialized rehab centers allow patients to connect with people that may have more in common with.

Many luxury centers also incorporate twelve step meetings into their program which is a great way for patients to have an ongoing support system that they can continue attending. It is recommended that people continue 12 step meetings even after they have completed their rehab program so that they can stay connected to their recovery goals.

People usually choose luxury rehab because they can afford better quality in terms of amenities and the types of services and activities for recovery. Even though luxury rehab may be more comfortable and relaxing, it can still be very effective for addiction treatment.

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