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Making The Decision To Enter Treatment

Congratulations. You have successfully taken the first step in your journey overcoming alcohol and substance abuse. Many others live their whole lives without taking this first crucial step but you have. Making the decision to enter treatment is not an easy one, but an excellent choice. Now what? At a Serenity Malibu, we understand how important and life changing it was to take this initial step. That is why we have developed 5-star facilities and care to help you along the beginning of your journey to recovery from addiction and or alcoholism.


What Kind of Treatment Do We Use?

We understand that addiction is a disease and that drinking and using drugs were merely a solution to the problem. Treatment beings when there is recognition that there is a problem. From there we begin to help you confront those underlying issues that caused the want and need to escape.

 We are here for you every step of the way from the moment you walk into your medical assessment to receiving a treatment and completing our program with an aftercare plan in hand. We refuse to give up on any of our clients until they have discovered the addiction-free life they dreamed of.

Not only does our program focus on medical treatment but we offer a large array of fun and interesting activities that help the patients relax and rediscover themselves: hiking, tennis, massage etc.

What Makes Us Different From Other Rehabs?

The key reason why Serenity Malibu rehab facility is different from other rehabs is because we take stock of our client’s life and make it better in every aspect we can. We help our clients relax with the above-mentioned activities; we make sure they are happy as much as possible and they have the freedom to engage in different satisfying pastimes. 

We also focus on a part of the patient’s life that many other rehabs ignore: the client’s family. Whether present or absent, the family plays an important part in the development of an individual, so we start from here in recreating a good life. From case to case, we include family system interventions, family treatment, and education groups.

Financial Concerns?

We are aware that a high quality rehab service that takes care of many aspects can prove to be costly and for some people simply impossibility. Even so, we think everybody who needs our services should be able to access it and so we have a partnership with American Healthcare Lending for financing this type of services.

The steps you need to take in order to take advantage of such a program are available. Learn more about financing addiction treatment programs.For other questions, you can contact us anytime on our website. Join us now!

Serenity Malibu Rehab is the best Malibu rehab facility that offers a complete and thorough treatment of addiction.

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