Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

Busy professionals seeking Malibu drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment services have unique issues that require sensitive and careful handling. The preservation of privacy and anonymity are prime considerations that are taken by Serenity Malibu, the premiere Malibu addiction treatment center. Physicians, attorneys, business owners, pilots, nurses and other professionals who encounter licensing or other professional requirements are assisted in all of these matters by their primary care therapist. All aspects of individual needs are considered and attended to by trained staff.

Specialized Treatment Programs

Staff and clinicians recognize that each client is an individual in need of tailored treatment programs that allow them to continue to meet their professional and social obligations. It takes experience and knowledge to maintain policies that provide for a high level of functionality while entering into the initial phases of recovery. The staff at Serenity Malibu is skilled in crafting customized treatment programs that meet the specific needs of each client while protecting their confidentiality while in treatment. Access to required forms of communication such as fax, computer, telephone and private office accommodations are available.

Comprehensive Assessment

A thorough assessment and evaluation process is utilized to provide an accurate diagnosis and when applicable, dual diagnosis for designing the most appropriate treatment program. The needs of the whole person are considered in this process.

Highly Qualified Services

Clinicians at the doctoral level are available for one on one sessions to provide counseling and educational services that help the client to fully understand the dynamics concerning the disease of addiction. This includes physical and medical exams as required. Learning how to successfully overcome obstacles and avoid relapse is of prime importance. Peer to peer interactions and small group sessions as appropriate are a part of the treatment program. For Malibu addiction treatment, Serenity Malibu provides world class luxury programs that maintain client privacy with strict confidentiality.

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