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Best Podcasts About Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Podcasts

People in recovery often look for as much support, education and advice that they can get so that they can stay strong in their sobriety. Mental Health and recovery podcasts can be a way to get some helpful information and stay connected to the world of addiction recovery. These podcasts can be inspiring especially as many mental health and addiction topics still remain taboo in much of our culture.

These type of podcasts cover a wide range of topics but if you are looking for advice and discussions about how to generally improve your well-being and practice self-care then there are plenty of options. Some best podcasts for sobriety focus on more specific issues such as staying sober, coping with mental illnesses like depression or anxiety and people simply sharing their stories about mental health and recovery. Here are some of the best mental health podcasts you can find online.

Best Podcasts for Sobriety

The Struggle Bus:

This advice podcast centers around mental health as hosts Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin answer questions from listeners in each episode. They offer their honest opinions and have unique discussions with each person on a large range of topics. They have touched on many diverse issues including workplace politics and abusive bosses.

The Hilarious World of Depression:

In this podcast, actors and comedians discuss their own personal issues with depression while still maintaining a sense of humor about their problems. It offers funny and moving conversations with popular comedians such as Jen Kirkman and Andy Richter as they share their stories about mental health and how they cope with depression. The show is both entertaining and groundbreaking in its efforts to break the stigma surrounding mental health.


The Happier podcast focuses on the elusive goal of happiness that so many people have. The host, Gretchen Rubin wrote a book called “The Happiness Project” in which she documented her own efforts to improve her quality of life. In her podcast Rubin offers people simple steps that they can take to feel happier while incorporating interesting conversations and practical advice that anyone can follow for better mental health.

That Sober Guy:

For people in recovery, it is one of the best podcasts for sobriety that offers the unique views of host Shane who is a recovering alcoholic. He interviews both celebrities and everyday people about their struggles with addiction and stories of recovery. He focuses on health and sobriety by providing inspiring advice to help motivate people to stay sober.

The Bubble Hour:

This podcast focuses on four women currently in recovery that are working to break the stigma around addiction. Their goal is to provide listeners with stories, interviews and conversations that help reduce the stigma while also creating a sense of community. The podcast is meant to educate people about the impact of addiction while helping those who are in recovery by talking about important topics surrounding addiction.

Not Another Anxiety Show:

In addition to discussing anxiety and how it affects people, this podcast also offers practical tools that listeners can use to help reduce their anxiety. It discusses deep breathing exercises,meditation and other strategies provided by host Kelli Walker who is a certified health and wellness coach. She once struggled with issues of agoraphobia but now has overcome her disorder and helps others cope with anxiety.


This is a podcast that focuses on addiction recovery and wellness associated with AfterParty magazine, a publication which showcases writers in recovery. AfterPartyPod airs every week and is hosted by Anna David as she interviews a number of different writers, musicians, actors and comedians who have had their own experiences with addiction and mental health issues. Their stories are often thought-provoking, funny and relatable for people who have had their own issues in the past.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking:

Hosted by author Nora McIerny, this podcast embraces the possibility of being more honest about our own pain, awkwardness and humanity. Listeners are encouraged to talk more openly about their struggles instead of hiding behind a mask and pretending everything is fine. For those with mental health issues or even anyone going through personal difficulties this podcast is a place to be unashamed about their negative experiences.

There are many more podcasts available for anyone looking for stories or advice related to mental health, wellness and addiction recovery. These are just some of the best podcasts for sobriety where listeners can feel supported and learn more about these issues. These kinds of podcasts can be a good supplement for those who are in treatment or have recently completed a program for mental health or addiction recovery.

Hearing relatable experiences as people more openly discuss their problems can help break down the stigma and allow people to feel a part of a community. Listening to the best podcasts for sobriety is an easy way to get the inspiration and motivation you need to improve your personal wellness.

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