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Music Festivals seeing a Rise in Sober Attendees

Music festivals, especially ones featuring electronic music, have been getting a cavalcade of bad press related to illegal drug abuse. The rise of party drugs like Molly have led to music festivals attendees overdosing at high-profile events such as: 

  • Lollapalooza
  • Electric Zoo
  • Maryland Electronic Music Festival
  • HARD Summer Music Concert

This has sparked music festival organizers to start promoting sobriety and increased awareness of the dangers of party drugs like Molly. With celebrities like Miley Cyrus namedropping Molly in one of her songs, young and impressionable partygoers were taking this drug and other illegal substances before attending one of the festivals.

However, it appears that the increased attempts to educate partygoers about the overdoses that have occurred have yielded positive results. Music festivals are seeing a rise in sober attendees.

Music Is What’s Important, Not The Drugs

Perhaps what festival-goers are also realizing is that they attend the festivals to enjoy and immerse themselves in the music and camaraderie and not the drugs. Many of the people who overdosed on drugs at festivals were under-aged and inexperienced. Due to them not being old enough to drink and perhaps not fully aware of the dangers of illicit drug use, they took unneeded risks. Perhaps now festival attendees are realizing that drugs should not be a part of festival events, and that they are going to enjoy the music, and not the drugs.

Music festivals are popular because attendees can see many of their favorite artists all at the same time, and bask in the fun and positive energy that comes with many festivals. They want to enjoy this, and not risk ending up in an emergency room because of overdosing on drugs. Attendees are becoming more aware that the illegal drugs being circulated at music festivals can be tainted. And one tainted dosage can result in significant amount of people suffering ill-fated consequences.

Festivals Are Cracking Down

Music festival organizers are also cracking down on drug usage at festivals. The electronic music industry has grown into a massively lucrative industry, with stars like Tiesto and Deadmau5 regularly playing to crowds of thousands and thousands of people. Electronic music is uniquely suited to be played in front of massive audiences, and the industry doesn’t want that appeal derailed by reports of fatalities at their concerts.

An increased law enforcement presence, as well as drug sniffing dogs have been used at some concerts. This can serve as a major deterrent to people binge drinking and doing drugs at festival events. No one wants to get arrested while looking to have a good time. The increased presence of law enforcement has helped increase the numbers of sober attendees.

Concertgoers are also starting to police themselves. At some major festivals where attendees often camp out together, tents are being set up specifically to educate people about the dangers of illegal drug usage, and to provide a safe haven for any concertgoers who feel overwhelmed by the event.

There also may be as many as a hundred security people roaming around to help police illegal drug usage. The result is that with the increased awareness of party drugs like Molly, large coordinated attempts are being made to decrease binge drinking and drug usage at festivals. And so far it seems like the efforts have been working. And the results also go beyond just being sober.

Festivals that report more sober attendees have seen a decrease in violence, sexual assaults, and DUIs. Overall, this can only mean positive things for festival organizers who are seeking to maintain the growth of the festival industries. Every year new music festivals are being organized and thrown and increased safety and sobriety for everyone attending should be a long-term goal. And as a result, people of all ages can now go to music festivals to enjoy the music and not the drugs.

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