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Opioids Effect on Modern Family Structure

The opioid epidemic has taken its toll on the nation’s health and well-being of many people struggling with addiction. But the damage from opioid abuse not only affects the individual it also has a strong impact on family life. Addiction puts a financial and emotional strain on families that must care for their loved ones who are suffering from opioid dependency.

Opioids Effect on Modern Family Structure

Many older, retired couples are once again pushed into the parental role when their adult children develop an issue with opioid addiction. The must step in and provide help for addicts who are unable to care for themselves financially or who need someone to get them professional care. In many cases, grandparents end up having to care for and even raise their grandchildren because of their parents’ opioid addiction.

Children Turned Over to Foster Care

In families where grandparents aren’t available to step in and take care of the children, some of the young ones end up in foster care. If their parents are addicted to opioid the government may get involved and place the children in the foster care system. Unfortunately, the opioid epidemic has been the greatest cause recently for an increase in the number of children in foster care.

Opioid addictions not only lead to neglected children they can cause trauma for them as well. Children who are exposed to a parent’s addiction or abuse are experiencing a life-altering event that can change them forever. Someone who is addicted to opioids may even verbally or physically abuse their children as well.

Impact of Opioid Epidemic

The impact of the opioid epidemic is so much more than just the health of an addict. It affects their parents, their children and everyone in their family. Recovery and abstinence are the only way to make it possible to repair broken relationships and improve family life after opioid addiction.

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