Outpatient Rehab Center in Malibu

Serenity Malibu offers outpatient treatment for clients who meet certain criteria. These clients are more manageable or have mild substance abuse problems. Outpatient rehab centers refer to a part-time day program that occurs at the Serenity Malibu. In this program, clients do not sleep at the center, but rather visit for sessions or attend day programs.

Who Qualifies to join Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs?

Outpatient treatment is suitable for clients who meet the following criteria:

  • The client has a mild substance use disorder and will not experience withdrawals when they stop using
  • They have a strong support system at home, from family and friends
  • They have job security and the flexibility to attend treatment, either due to a shorter workday or an understanding employer. If they are self-employed, they are particularly suited to adjusting their structure to make the necessary space for treatment
  • They do not expect to face triggers in their home or work environment. A client who lives with a family member who enables addiction (or is also addicted) is unlikely to succeed in an outpatient program. The same is true for someone whose work environment facilitates or even encourages substance use

The outpatient treatment center is not for clients suffering from severe addiction issues, especially if they are likely to experience withdrawals when they stop using substances. Even after undergoing a medical detox in rehab, there is a high risk that the individual may use the substance again if they do not continue inpatient treatment, compromising the draining and difficult withdrawal process they have just endured.

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Outpatient substance abuse programs require full commitment from the client. If the individual cannot guarantee that they will be able to attend all sessions without pressure from their work or home environment, they are better suited to inpatient rehab, where they have no choice but to commit.

Outpatient Treatment

Types of Outpatient Treatment Programs

There are different types of outpatient substance abuse programs that cater to clients with different needs.

Day Programs

Outpatient day programs require the biggest time commitment from the attendee. Outpatient rehab centers most closely resemble inpatient rehab. The individual spends a considerable number of hours in the day attending therapies and groups, as they would in inpatient treatment. However, they go home at the end of the day.

Day programs at Serenity Malibu are most suitable for individuals who have few work commitments or can take time off. These individuals may not feel able to live away from their families for an extended period of time. They may be single parents or someone upon whom the family relies. Alternatively, they may be unwilling to live away from their families if they don’t absolutely have to.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient substance abuse programs are more flexible. They consist of a treatment plan designed to accommodate the individual’s needs and availability. This outpatient rehab center will start a treatment program with a large time commitment, which will decrease as the individual progresses in their recovery.

Serenity Malibu’s intensive outpatient treatment is suitable for individuals who do not require a medical detox, have flexibility or understanding from employers, and who have been diagnosed by a professional as having a mild substance abuse disorder.

Outpatient Aftercare

For those who attend inpatient rehab programs, treatment does not end when they leave the building. Rather, they continue with aftercare in outpatient treatment. This includes sessions that will continue the therapy process they began in rehab, assistance in applying their training in everyday life, and support from counselors and other attendees.

Outpatient aftercare sessions are scheduled to occur within the individual’s schedule, so as not to disrupt their return to normal life.

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Outpatient Rehab Treatment Modules

Serenity Malibu Outpatient Rehab Center provides clients with a number of complementary treatment modules as part of the recovery process.


Serenity Malibu has expert psychiatrists on the staff who will meet with the client to help diagnose any co-occurring disorders. These may include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and personality disorders. They may prescribe non-addictive medication to treat these disorders, as well as advising the client on the best route to recovery. In certain cases, they may recommend inpatient rehab to clients who are likely to struggle with outpatient treatment.

Individual therapy

In an outpatient substance abuse program, Serenity Malibu assigns an expert therapist to provide individual therapy to the client. With this therapist, the individual will work on discovering the external and internal forces that led to the addiction, including co-occurring disorders diagnosed by the psychiatrist. They will explore their family history, unearthing the source of unhealthy coping mechanisms, as a starting point for developing healthy coping mechanisms in their place.

Group therapy

Group therapy is a significant component of addiction treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient. In group therapy, the individual learns about their inner experience in the context of other people. They also learn from the experiences of other recovering addicts, including the fact that they are not alone.

In aftercare, group sessions may provide support rather than therapy, with participants drawing on each other’s encouragement amid both successes and setbacks.

Relapse prevention

In Serenity Malibu outpatient treatment center, clients attend relapse prevention sessions to learn what they can do to avoid triggers, manage cravings, and bring their recovery into their everyday lives. They will also gain insight as to how to rebound from a relapse.

Family therapy

Addiction is often called a family illness. Sometimes, family dysfunction is a causative factor in the individual’s addiction. In other cases, the individual’s addiction impacts how the family relates to each other, creating a dysfunctional system that enables addiction.

For this reason, family therapy is an important part of substance abuse treatment. In outpatient rehab programs, it is particularly important, especially if the individual is living with their family during treatment.

Alternative treatment modules

The above comprise the basic foundation of outpatient treatment. At Serenity Malibu, a number of alternative treatment modules are offered. These complement the main therapies provided. Because every client has a different recovery journey, their treatment should be personalized. Additional treatment modules provide the opportunity to find therapies that are better suited to each client.

These therapies include:

  • hypnotherapy, carried out by certified practitioners
  • mindfulness therapy
  • acupuncture and massage
  • brainspotting, a relatively new brain-based therapy
  • educational programs on substances and neurobiology

Serenity Malibu Outpatient Treatment Center

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mild substance use disorder, Serenity Malibu Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs can help. The sooner you begin your recovery journey, the sooner you can find your way to a meaningful, joyous life free of substances. Call Serenity Malibu at 866-694-3032 for an assessment to determine if you are suited to outpatient treatment.

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