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Preparing For Your Stay At Our Malibu Recovery Center

At Serenity Malibu, we understand the courage it takes to recognize and admit there is an addiction problem, and then to reach out for help. We find all of our clients coming into rehab for the first time have a lot of questions about what to expect at our Malibu Recovery Center.

Serenity Malibu Drug Rehab Center

Uncertainty is perfectly normal, and we are always ready, willing and able to answer your questions to help you to feel as comfortable as possible before and during your stay. Knowing what to expect is a big part of taking some of the anxiety and fear out of the first few days and until you become familiar with the staff, routines, and our treatment program.

Your Arrival

When you arrive at our treatment center, you will first go through a very thorough intake exam, including a medical assessment and a discussion with our treatment team. At the same time, you will be introduced to the staff working with you, allowing you to feel immediately connected to the caring professionals on our staff.

Our Malibu Recovery Center is designed with our clients in mind. You will notice this from your first step on our facility where we will greet you personally and ensure you are comfortable in your luxury room.

At the same time, our staff of qualified, trained and highly experienced recovery counselors will begin to work with you to design a unique addiction recovery program. We believe in a personalized solution with our clients as part of the plan development, and not in designing a plan and getting all our clients to walk the same path to recovery.

Each week the team will review your individual progress and adjust your treatment schedule for the following week. This one-on-one programming is very powerful and gives our clients a clear picture of the progress they are making.

The Next Steps

Your next few days will be the most challenging through the detox program. This detox allows your body to rid itself of any toxins, and our medical team will provide you with care to assist you at this time.

In addition, you will also start to take advantage of all the counseling services and the many treatment options we provide as per your unique plan. These can include a variety of treatment options from psychotherapy sessions to acupuncture and massage, yoga, hypnotherapy, equine therapy, fitness therapy, family therapy as well as art therapy, nutritional counseling, and mediation. We also provide programs at our Malibu Recovery Center for our clients to enjoy kayaking, swimming, and surfing if you love being in the beautiful outdoors.

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