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Why Recovery Shouldn’t Be a Punishment

There is a tendency for many people, including potential clients themselves, to feel rehab should be a miserable, torturous experience – a type of purgatory in order to expunge the sin of addiction. In reality most addicts are disgusted and frustrated by their behaviour and the effect it is having on their life and the lives of people they care about, that punishing them further through a harsh, Spartan-like rehab regimen while they try and recover is just going to make things worse. If you’re considering rehab or know someone who is, take a look at how luxurious surroundings for drug addiction treatment in Malibu can make a positive difference to recovery.

Sobriety Can Be Fun

One of the difficulties addicts find in adjusting to sobriety is the large chunk of time which was previously filled by their addiction (for example time spent considering how to get their next fix, time spent indulging and time spent trying to repair the damage done as a result of their habit) is now free. In Malibu, drug addiction treatment includes access to a wide range of engaging pursuits, including sports, hobbies and other enjoyable pastimes. These help fill the void which addiction control leaves and helps provide a solid foundation for continued sobriety.

Enhance Social Skills

Years of lying to cover their addiction, socializing only while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or even simply finding effective communication a challenge can all leave sober addicts finding everyday interactions difficult. One of the advantages of using their drug addiction treatment time in Malibu to take part in group activities is patients begin to improve their social skills, a valuable tool to take with them when they leave treatment to re-enter society.

Challenges of Addiction Treatment

Many addicts find once they’ve passed through the physical withdrawal aspect of their drug addiction treatment in a Malibu facility, the real work starts! Intensive therapy can bring up old feelings of shame regarding their addiction and the problems it has created. Trudging up old feelings is where many clients find their initial steps into a sober world incredibly difficult. Luxurious surroundings, appeal pastimes and a supportive community all help to make life easier during those first challenging weeks or months.

Providing the right surroundings and opportunities for addicts to enjoy a tranquil, peaceful and fulfilled existence during and immediately after they’ve gone drug or alcohol-free is crucial to maximizing the chances of continued sobriety. If you’re looking for treatment that offers premium facilities set in amazing scenery, look no further than the ones waiting in gorgeous Malibu.

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