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Harmful Alcohol Consumption Is A Global Issue

Reducing Harmful Alcohol Consumption Globally Will Improve the Health and Well-being of Humanity as a Whole

Alcohol abuse is a rampant problem throughout the U.S. leading to millions of people not only suffering from issues with alcoholism but also having fatal repercussions from their disease. Recently in 2016, it was reported that 3 million people died from alcohol consumption which equals roughly about 1 in 20 deaths globally. Alcohol abuse affects us not only on an individual level but it decreases the well-being of the entire world.
alcohol consumption on global health
Consuming alcohol on a harmful level can cause fatal injuries, diseases, cancers, mental disorders and a wide range of other conditions. All of these issues add up to very high health and social costs all over the world for people who have alcohol problems. It is estimated that alcohol consumption accounts for up to 5 percent of the global disease burden.

Risks of Drinking Alcohol

Although in the past it was believed that a small amount of alcohol was beneficial for your health, recent studies have proven that no amount of alcohol is safe for your overall health. Researchers now understand that the risks of alcohol consumption far outweigh any potential benefits. Educating people about the significant risks of drinking alcohol may help to reduce the negative impact that it has on humanity.

The World Health Organization agreed on measures to help reduce the harmful use of alcohol to improve health globally. Countries can use both existing alcohol taxes as well as pricing strategies, banning volume discounts and actions on marketing alcohol to help reduce the overall consumption level. It is also crucial to create widespread knowledge that there are no health benefits associated with alcohol and that it is more closely associated with serious diseases.

Changing the binge-drinking culture that exists in many countries may help improve health throughout the world and reduce the cost that alcohol has on our lives.

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