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Dear Dr. Mark and Dr. Sheila,

Words can’t describe how well this visit has gone for my niece and our family.  She has been strong and handled every family encounter with style and patience.  She has been gracious, caring and receptive of everyone’s affection this weekend.  Watching her with her children has brought us to tears on a few occasions – she is natural, connected and very confident.  The kids feel it, and they are responding in amazing ways.

Her grandparents can’t believe the changes and we are all getting used to this new person, a woman who is confident and in control.

My niece will leave your beautiful facility this week with a new life ahead of her.  No matter what happens from this point forward, You have given her a chance to change her destiny.  You and your team made that happen, and it was worth every single penny.  Please express our sincere appreciation to everyone on your team that worked with my niece over these past 90 days, and who continued to believe in her through the first 45 days when I almost lost my faith. They encouraged me to stay the course, as did you.  It worked.

Finally, I’d like to offer my help and support to you with any family who needs to hear from someone like me.  I realize that if this young lady had not stayed the full 90 days, she would never have achieved the growth and confidence we see now.  If I can speak to a family and make a difference, don’t hesitate to ask.  Our family had the money, but it was difficult to invest it when all we saw was anger, rage and resentment.  Now that we are on the other side, the money, time and effort are meaningless.  We would have spent far more to have this single weekend with her.

Thank you for everything you’ve done, for indulging my insecurities and impatience from time to time, and for helping me keep the faith.  And your staff includes many people who have made an impact, and who have gone the extra mile for my niece when she was at her most difficult.  Please thank them and express our appreciation – it takes a village, as they say.

Warm regards,


Tara from California arrived at Serenity Malibu in August, 2010

Serenity Malibu is a breath of fresh air. I not only feel completely serene but I love how the staff truly are about our wellbeing.”

Christy from Alabama came to Serenity Malibu after attending a residential treatment program

There are no words to accurately express my gratitude to Serenity Malibu. I came to Serenity for transitional living after going through an inpatient rehab. I was fully detoxed from drugs but still a little unsure how to live a fun yet productive sober life; I learned how to do this at Serenity Malibu.

Every staff member is genuinely caring and friendly and they really got me connected with the local 12 step community. They also have excellent references to various psychological services if you desire more intensive treatment. Even though I now live in my own apartment, I still return to Serenity Malibu for their incredible in-house 12 step meetings held every week.

My experience was nothing less than extraordinary and it changed my life in countless ways. Thanks a million Serenity Malibu.

Tim from Illinois attended the Serenity Malibu transitional intensive outpatient program.

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