Inside Look at Luxury Rehab

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Even though people can get the help that they need to quit an addiction at any rehab treatment center, the reality is that not all rehabs are the same. A general rehab center will offer patients the opportunity to get treatment and therapy but it may not be the ideal experience for them. Luxury rehab…

Guide to Malibu Drug Rehab

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Drug addiction is more than just a habitual behavior, it is a complicated physical and psychological issue that causes changes to the brain and body. When a person engages in substance abuse for many years they go through a drastic transformation and may look and act completely different than they did in the past. Their…

Finding the right drug rehab center for your young adults

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There are many rehab centers out there for drug addiction treatment in Malibu, there is one out there that’s right for you. Understanding that there are many approaches in treatment is important, but you will need to find an option that you are comfortable with. That’s where Serenity Malibu comes in; we specialize in individualized…

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