Cocaine is Surging

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Most people now are aware of the serious problem with opioids we have in the U.S. but other drugs are also on the rise. Cocaine abuse has increased dramatically as well in recent years and is causing serious health issues throughout the country. The rise in cocaine use and deaths related to cocaine laced with…

Side Effects of Opioid Abuse

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The nation’s opioid epidemic has taken an alarming toll on the health of our citizens that are struggling with addiction. Opioids have a high risk of overdose and have led to thousands of deaths in recent years as the problem continues to increase. Abusing opioids can either be deadly or have serious effects on a…

5 Things You Need To Know About Roxycodone

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Roxycodone : Painkillers have become one of the most abused drugs in the country and prescription opioid use has risen to epidemic levels. There are a number of different painkillers that are typically abused but one of the most highly addictive is roxycodone or “Roxy” as it is sometimes called. More than 9 percent of Americans…

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