Common Reasons for Struggling in Early Recovery

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Quitting an addiction can be one of the most difficult transitions a person will ever make in their life. The first few months of recovery can be especially challenging and dangerous for the possibility of relapse. There are some important choices that they need to make and they will have to address and be aware…

Leaving Work for Rehab Treatment

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Attending a rehab treatment facility can be a difficult decision for a number of different reasons. Not only will you have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle but you will also need to leave behind family and friends for a period of time. People also struggle with the decision of what to do about…

Actor Will Arnett’s Alcohol Relapse

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Netflix recently released the new season of “Flaked”, a comedy-drama starring actor Will Arnett who also acts as co-writer and director of the show. The show’s main character regularly attends AA meetings and seems to be in recovery for a drinking problem. Arnett has said in the past that the character is very much based…

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