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The Malibu Drug Treatment Center Offers Help for Addiction

Drug addiction can cause a myriad of problems, not only for the drug user but also for their family.  The path of addiction can often result in long-term medical and mental health problems and in some cases, even death. However, with the help of the Serenity Malibu Drug Treatment Center in Malibu, California those addicted to drugs and alcohol can experience a full recovery.

Beginning the Process at the Malibu Drug Treatment Center

The Malibu Drug Treatment Center is a specialized and individualized program with counselors, doctors and other dedicated staff available to cater to our patients. Our state of the art programs are effective at addressing each patient’s mental, physical and spiritual needs. The program begins with a free consultation by one of our experienced counselors who can answer all of your questions about our facility, programs, doctors and any other information about the treatment center.

We’re Here to Help

When you come to the Malibu Drug Treatment Center, there are several steps in the recovery process that will take place. The first step will be a thorough assessment of your needs and your family’s needs prior to entering a detox program. Once we assess a patient we can design a personal and individual rehab program that will address each issue that they face. Patients can then start the process of detoxification and recovery.

At our treatment center we are involved with both the person dealing with an addiction and their family. We know that families are a key part of a patient’s recovery and that those closest to the addict are struggling too.  Addiction is a disease that affects everyone, especially family members, and we know they also need support throughout the process. We have education programs for family, as well as helpful support groups they can join. You can call 888 257-6934 for more information on family assistance.

Aftercare Treatment and Relapse Prevention

At Serenity Malibu Drug Treatment Center we know how hard it can be to transition from a treatment program back into everyday life. We make sure to put emphasis on relapse prevention to help ease the transition after the patient leaves our facility. Our program uses a cognitive-behavioral method of treating the patient’s addiction, which can help them manage and prevent the type of compulsive behavior that initially led them to become addicted.

We provide aftercare for each of our patients and believe it is necessary for their success in recovery. We want to ensure that each person will be in a safe environment with plenty of support from family and loved ones through this vulnerable time. If you are looking compassionate and innovative drug addiction treatment, the Malibu Drug Treatment Center will provide you with everything you need to achieve recovery.

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