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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Someone in Rehab

Most people would rather not spend the festive season in drug and alcohol rehab. This time is meant to bring people together, and being isolated from your family and friends in December is tough. However, there are a lot of pros to spending this period in rehab, and recovering addicts who do so tend to see the benefits.

Holiday Gifts

That being said, missing out on reunions and get-togethers can trigger a sense of loneliness. If you have a loved one in rehab over Christmas, getting them a thoughtful gift can help ease their pain, reminding them that you’re still thinking of them.

The following creative gifts are perfect for someone spending the festive season in rehab.

A gift that builds them up

One of the kindest gifts you can give to someone in rehab will cost you nothing financially. Speak to the person’s loved ones and ask them to write a letter saying what they love about the person. If they have young kids (or nieces and nephews), ask the kids to draw pictures for them. Collect these letters and drawings into a book.

This gift builds the person up, reminding them that they have people rooting for them. It also gives them something to turn to when they feel the sadness of missing out on the festivities.

Hobby kits

Finding sober hobbies is important for people in rehab. When you are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, your life starts revolving around the substances. After rehab, recovering addicts need to find constructive ways to spend the time they would have spent acquiring and taking substances.

If they already have hobbies, buy them supplies that will make it easier to pursue those hobbies. If not, ask them about the sort of things they’re interested in. Then give them a kit for a hobby they think they might enjoy. They will have something to try during the festive season, with the knowledge that it came from a place of love.

Personalized journal

Journaling can be an incredible way of tracking your progress in rehab and thereafter. It is a safe space in which the person can record their thoughts and feelings, including those they don’t want to share with anyone else.

Technically, they could use any pad of paper as a journal. However, a personalized journal is a great gift that both encourages them to journal while reminding them of your love. It is an investment into their progress, with the implicit message that you see how hard they are trying.

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