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Three Unusual Strategies of Serenity Malibu Treatment Center

With alcohol and drug treatment, things are seldom formulaic. That is, effective treatment is seldom just a matter of saying ‘do this exercise,’ or ‘take this pill’ and with time you will miraculously become better.

Human beings are complex creatures. While medical treatment and therapy have gone a long way into helping improve your chance for recovery, we are a long way from discovering a quick fix for addiction.

This is why a Malibu treatment center like Serenity Malibu Rehab maintains a few strategies that, while seemingly unusual, have been found effective in helping patients stay sober. Here are three of those strategies and why they’re so effective.


Massage is an effective form of therapy precisely because it bridges the gap between your body and your mind. Serenity Malibu treatment center is among those that offer such massage services. Patients often feel too involved in their thoughts because of the effects of drugs and alcohol. Through the touch and pressure of massage, however, you are slowly given awareness of each part of your body.

The process also helps loosen up muscles that naturally tense up when you’re stressed out. Because of this, many people find that they’re less anxious and can better regulate their mood with regular massage therapy

Ocean Adventures

Not only does addiction disconnect the person from the body, it can also make him less aware of the environment. This is why sports and exploration are perfect supplemental activities to help patients keep their mind off their troubles.

Serenity Malibu treatment center, in particular, offers activities such as surfing and swimming. These will help attune your whole being to the world around you. Moreover, it also distracts you from addiction and helps you find comfort in the fact that there are many things worth doing when you’re sober.

The Arts

Often, patients find that it is difficult for them to communicate their innermost feelings to the people they love and to the world. One solution to help patients overcome this problem is through the arts.

Art, writing and music have been wonderful avenues of self-expression for generations. Many people fail to discover the wonder in this nowadays because there is pressure to “be good” at it. At the right Malibu treatment center, you’ll find a safe space to explore the arts without fear of judgment. You may even find that, through this program, you will be able to find your true voice.

If you’re seeking treatment, it is important to look for a treatment center that provides holistic care. You, of course, want to receive treatment from people who can see you as a whole human being and not a disease to be treated. Serenity Malibu Treatment Center offers such alternative care that complements modern medical and psychotherapeutic intervention.

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