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Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Talks Drug Addiction and Recovery

Tom Hanks seems to be one of the few major movie stars who has managed to live his life without any major scandals or controversies. He has been happily married to his wife Rita Wilson for decades, and has been the star of critically acclaimed movies like Forrest Gump and Big.

Addiction Recovery

Now in his late fifties Tom Hanks has adult children who have grown up under the glare of having extremely famous and successful parents. But unfortunately, even Tom Hanks’ life hasn’t been immune to the insidious effects that addiction can have on a family. His son Chet has recently been in the news because of his drug addiction.

Chet Hanks’ Confessional Instagram Video

Chet Hanks revealed on an Instagram video he posted that he has decided to go public about his struggles with cocaine because a story was about to come out about him in a tabloid. He reveals that he’s been having issues with drugs since the age of sixteen and has recently been able to become clean.

In his video and confessional post, his struggles highlight how difficult it is for someone to break free from a lifestyle of addiction after being immersed. Chet Hanks also may have been particularly susceptible to drug abuse, because of his association with the Hollywood lifestyle and easy access to drugs with his money and connections.

Celebrating A Sobriety Goal

Chet Hanks says that he feels great and has managed to complete a landmark, which is being sober for sixty days. Chet has appeared in some films, but unlike his father, the twenty-four year old seems more interested in pursuing his music career under the name of Chet Haze rather than being a an actor.

The sixty days is a great goal to have achieved, and due to his youth, he has a great chance for long-term sobriety. By recognizing his problem early, Chet can begin learning how to live and enjoy life without cocaine.

Breaking The Cycle Of Hollywood Drug Addiction

Chet Hanks seems to follow in the sad tradition of young people growing up in Hollywood getting caught into a dangerous lifestyle. It seems like a countless number of young people who are stars or come from celebrity families end up struggling with addiction.

Actors like Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, River Phoenix, and Cory Monteith show how seductive the lifestyle can be, even with all the success that they’ve had.

But fortunately for Chet Hanks he was able to recognize how important it was for him to seek help even at a very young age. By bravely coming forward perhaps he can also help other young people to seek treatment themselves.

His father, Tom Hanks has remained silent about the issue, probably because he wanted Chet to handle it the way he saw fit. Since coming out about his years of drug abuse, Chet has received an overwhelmingly positive response from people who commend him for his bravery.

Chet is now determined to focus on his fledgling music career. He has already started opening up for other popular rap acts and continues to cultivate his online following. He plans to release a debut album within the next year, and it doesn’t hurt that he is the son of one of Hollywood’s must successful actors.

One of the first major steps of recovery is admitting that you have a problem, and Chet Hanks not only took that step, he took that leap. In the years to come hopefully Chet Hanks can show that it’s very possible to recover from a drug addiction in young Hollywood and still go on to have a fulfilling career. He has had a great start, and with the right support and motivation he can continue to be sober for the long-term.

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